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DSP day 1

No description

William Hammel

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of DSP day 1

DSP day 1 Comments, questions, and concerns... DSP is.... a Series of mini courses to mimic
your duty as a professional
1. Study Plan
2. Self-Care Plan
3. Business Plan
4. Research Paper/Presentation What is DSP? Study Planning Group Feedback * What was one significant revelation I have of myself, as a learner, as I begin my student life as a student at OSTM?
* What is the most challenging part of learning or studying for me as a student now that I have begun this program?
* What strategies have I implemented so far that have made a difference in my learning confidence?
* Any ways Student Services can help at this point in your program? Directive Studies Project... DSP-Day 1 Presented by:
William Hammel, M.Ed.
Director of Student Services Parking Lot 1 2 3 4 Time Management Chart... What is 7 x 24????? Academic Success Plan 1. Has anything changed after your first week?
2. What has changed?
3. What are some new strategies you plan to use? How is DSP Graded?
-25% Study Plan
-25% Self-Care Plan
-25%Business Plan
-25% Research Paper/Presentation Hand out syllabus 168 Step 1: Research Proposal Form

Step 2: Possible topics???

Step 3: Proposal form due by 2ND DSP class

Step 4: Paper + Presentation due on last two
days of DSP. Teacher will assign
days to students. Research Paper/Presentation 1.Number of hours of sleep each night x 7 =__________

2.Number of grooming hours per day x 7 = __________

3.Number of hours for meals/snacks per day – include preparation
time x 7 = __________

4.Total travel time to school and work weekdays x 5 =__________

5.Total travel time to school and work on weekends __________

6.Number of hours per week in school (averaged)

(Day FT: 38.5; Day PT: 17.5) 7.Number of hours per week for regularly scheduled activities (include travel time) ________
b.Church or spiritual pursuits
d.Children’s activities

8.Number of hours per day for chores, errands, grocery shopping, exercise, etc. x 7 = _______

9.Number of hours of work per week _______

10.Number of hours per week socializing, dates, phone calls, etc. Be honest! _______

11.Now add up the totals: __________

12.Subtract line 11 from 168 - _______ =

The boxed number is the hours you have allowed yourself for studying! Class | 6Month | 12 Month |

Science | 5 | Semester 1:5 |

Hands-on | 5 | Semester 2: 5 |

1. Science Classes _____ X3 hrs= _____
2. Hands-on Classes _____ x2 hrs = _____ add both lines together

3. Total number of hours needed to study per week = _________ 24/7 Planner 1. Day-to-day

2. Using your text book

3. Preparing for an exam

4. Exam day Tips for effective studying...
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