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Japan's culture

Let's study about Japan's culture

Jason Jang

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Japan's culture

By Jason Jang Japanese culture Japanese hobbies Japan is well known for animation. ←Astro boy ←Keroro Many Japanese play 'costume play' 'Military' costume play Japanese animation
'Naruto' costume play Some Japanese love to
play survival game Official language Japan's official language is Japanese.
Japanese call their language 'Nihongo'.
Japanese is spoken by 130 million people around
the world from Japan, Palau, or other people from Asia,
Califonia, Canada, China etc.
Japanese is official language in Japan, Palau
(Palau was Japanese colony) Beliefs and values Shinto and Buddhism Their official language is Their beliefs are
Shinto and Buddhism.
Only less than 1% of
Japanese believes
Christianity or others. Japanese' habits/interesting facts First, they bow when they meet each other first time.

Second, if they recieve something from others,
they always give something to thank them.

Third, they're selfless.
Here's an example.
We usually talk 'Can I have some water?'
but Japanese talk 'Can you give me some water?'.

Forth, they keep to the left when they walk, using
escalator, or etc.

Fifth, Japan's car's driver seats are on left.

Sixth, they are very selfless and civil. They think they have
to not be inconvinience to each other. Japan's food Japan has lot of interesting foods.
They eats noodles, sushi, rice
or etc.

They pick up their bowl and use
chopsticks while they eat their meal.

Geographically, they're good to
get food from oceans, so they eats
lot of fish, seaweed, or etc.

And, they rarely leftover their food! Ramen Sushi with with wasabi Udon Instant ramen Sushi Pork cutlet Education All Japanese go elementary school for 6 years,
middle school for 3 years, high
school for 3 years, university for 4 years.

They wear their school uniform,
and it's important to be a member of
some clubs. If my presentation was board.. Here's something you will like! Did you know? Since I am Korean, I want to talk about Dokdo.
Sometimes some Japanese insist Dokdo belongs to Japan.
But it's not true.

Historically, Dokdo can't be Japan's territory.

At first, Dokdo was a country named WooSanKook.
The General of Silla's (an ancient part of Korea) army Sabu Lee united Dokdo with Silla in 513.

And there was an invasion by Japan on August, 1910.
It continued till August 15th, 1945 when World War II finished.
After the war, Japan gave up all territories of Korea.

The reason why there is so many arguments about Dokdo and
the East sea is because after the Korean War, South Korea was just concentrating on advancing its economy because of the war, so it was too late to notice that Dokdo was Korea's territory, and that the title 'Sea of Japan' is wrong. Since I am Korean, I want to talk all about
what Japan did in World War 2,
but it will take too much time,
and you will board! Was it board again? Ok. Here's another thing. Interesting facts about all around the world America : Interesting rules! Texas : You have to notice before that you will crime.

Oklahoma : If you frown to dog, you can be arested,
or you will must pay some fine!

Massachusettes : You can't eat 3 or more sandwiches!
You can't snore if windows aren't completely
closed, and locked!

Maryland : You have to not clean your sink even though that's dirty. United Kingdom You will know these things if you use British English

We speak 'brother', but they speak 'brother' like 'brover'
And they usually not pronounce 'R'
Here's an example. They don't speak 'work' they speak like
'wock' I want to speak more about this.. But times are limited, so this is all I prepared for today. Japanese The END! Thank you for listening my lame presentation Bye~ see you later~ Wait! Wait! Do you have any questions? Actually, not all around the world Credit Thanks for google to use pictures,

Thanks for photoshop to make character,

Thanks for naver, and wikipedia to get information,

Thanks for naver dictionary to find some word,

Thanks for my mom to give me advice,

Thanks for you to listen my naff presentation,

Thanks for me to make this prezi. Shinkansen Shinkansen is the first high-speed train in the world.
It's speed is over 200~300km/h.
Name 'Shinkansen' means 'New mainline'.
Shinkansen is very safe high-speed train ever.
There was no death accident caused of mechnical fault.
Shinkansen uses a 25,000V AC overhead power supply.
Clothing Gimono Yukata There are so many clothes from Japan, here's two popular Japanese cloth.

Gimono, and Yukata.

Japanese wear gimono for popular events.
Gimono is expensive, and uncomforable to
act well.

So japanese wear Yukata in their daily life.
also in summer, or after bath. Sumo At first, sumo wasn't
for sport. Sumo was
ceremony of shinto.
So till now a day, it is
important to not be
Two strong man plays
sumo. If your bodyparts except for your feet
touched ground, or you did foul, you will lost
that sumo game.
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