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The Role of Women in the Revolutionary War vs The Civil War

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Super Fresh

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Role of Women in the Revolutionary War vs The Civil War

The Role of Women in the Revolutionary War vs The Civil War
Roles in the Revolutionary War



Many nurses were originally camp followers
(wives, daughters, and mothers of male soldiers)

They traveled with the army to look for food and protection because they could not support themselves after the men left for war
Many women still served as secret soldiers by disguising themselves as men, despite the fact that it was not allowed
To disguise themselves they would cut their hair, bind their breasts with bandages, and change their name to more manly ones.
Most of the women were young, unmarried, and poor, so they joined the army to earn money for their families, and for the opportunity to fight for America's independence
Most female spies worked as cooks and maids for the British and American military camps.
They eavesdropped on conversations about troop movements, military plans, supply shortages and deliveries.
Spies could easily carry messages and supplies they gathered to neighboring houses, without detection because the war was fought on farms, city streets, and in the front yards of many American's houses.
Role of Women in the Civil War
Role of Women in the Civil War



War Relief Worker

Secret Soldiers
Women spies would gather valuable information by flirting with male soldiers at parties, dinners, or other social events
They also smuggled supplies ammunition and medicine by hiding them underneath their large hoop skirts
Former Confederate Spy Emeline Pigott from North Carolina, would gather military information by entertaining union soldiers at dinner parties in her home. She would then pass this information by leaving messages in secret hiding spots or by hand delivering them
Around 2,000 to 5,000 women volunteered as nurses
Civil War nurses would clean and bandage wounds, feed soldiers, give medication, and assist surgeons during operations and medical procedures like amputations.
Clara Barton, a famous nurse during the Civil War era, she worked as a clerk in the U.S patent office. She began showing up at local battlefields with medical supplies, which she used to nurse sick and wounded soldiers, earning the nickname "Angel of the Battlefield"
War Relief Workers
Many women participated in war relief efforts such as sewing circles where they made clothing for soldiers,or held charity drives where they gathered food, medical supplies,and bedding for local military encampments and hospitals
They also raised money through fundraisers and charity events such as Sanitary Fair in Chicago in 1863.
Secret Soldiers
Even though women were not allowed to join the military, over 400 women served as secret soldiers during the war.
These women would disguise themselves as men and change their names to a more masculine one
The disguises were so good, they were only discovered by accident if they were being treated for injuries or illnesses.
Historical Significance of Women in the Civil and Revolutionary War
Before the Revolutionary War women did not have any rights except to raise families. However, after the revolution, it increased people's attention to political matters, and made issues of liberty and equality very important. It also gave them a more a public role in society. Overall they were granted more rights than ever before.

Role of women in the Civil War:


Role of Women in the Revolutionary War:


This relates to me and other U.S citizens because if those brave women chose not to step up, and join the war then we would not have any opportunities, and as many rights as we have today. For example before the Revolutionary and Civil War, we were not allowed to vote. But now as long as you are at least 18 you have the opportunity to vote for whomever you desire.
How Women fighting in the Revolutionary and Civil War relates to me and other U.S citizens living in the 21st century
The End .
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