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Code Name Verity

No description

block 44

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity
Maddie and Julie were friends.
They were separated by war.
Julie told Maddie to shoot her, for friendship.
Julie's code name was Verity. (AKA truth)
Julie never told Von Linden anything, she only lied.
Maddie feared she would be captured by the Gestapo.
Julie feared she would never see Maddie again.
Julie hates the Gestapo.
But she hates Von Linden more.
Maddie hates the Gestapo for taking Julie.
Julie did not reveal her name till the end of her story.
Julie did not know if Maddie was killed in the plane crash.
Maddie joined the resistance because she had no way out of Nazi territory.
The resistance tried to free Ormaie by ambushing Nazi transports and secretly landing British spies.
Julie and Engel both hate each other.
But Von Linden is an enemy to both of them.
A British spy crashes in Nazi occupied France. She is captured by the Gestapo in Ormaie. She is interrogated by a Nazi officer. She thinks her friend, the pilot of the crashed plane, is dead.
Maddie, the pilot and friend, joined the resistance. She has no way out of Nazi occupied France, and she is aware that her friend was captured.
I am Julie,
I wonder if i will get to see Maddie again,
I hear screaming,
I see torturing,
I want to kill the Ormaie Gestapo,
I am afraid.

I pretend Maddie is with me,
I feel pain,
I touch blood,
I worry that Maddie is dead,
I cry about the plane crash photo's,
I am full of sorrow.

I understand interrogation,
I say lies,
I dream of dying,
I try to be strong,
I hope a bomb drops and kills me,
I am Verity.
Julie vs. Self
We thought Julie had given up, and told information to the Gestapo. In the end, Julie had stayed stong and lied to the Gestapo without them guessing it.
Maddie vs. Technology
The plane Maddie was flying broke, and it got stuck going higher. Maddie had to press it down really hard to get it to go down.
Code Name Verity
By, Elizabeth Wein
The resistance blows up a bridge, stopping a Nazi transport bus. The nazis hold a gun to Julie's head, but Julie tells Maddie to shoot her.

Friendship can heavily affect your life, as was shown in Code Name Verity. Julie and Maddie were friends, and they joined the war effort. They were both on a mission to Nazi occupied France, but their plane took damage and they crashed. Julie was captured by the Ormaie Gestapo, while Maddie joined the resistance. They both thought/wrote about each other and how they were friends. At about the end of the book, Maddie and Julie met one last time. Maddie had to shoot Julie as an act of friendship, because only a true friend would accept such a request. This applies to our world today because, there are many instances when one would rather die by their friend, than by their enemy.
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