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By: Rosabel & Alia

No description

Rosabel Wong

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of By: Rosabel & Alia

What is CatchIt?
We chose this as we know that children like games which challenge them. For example, geometry dash. We also chose to make it a chatting app at the same time because chatting apps such as Whatsapp and Snapchat have become very popular.
Why Did we Choose This?
We have decided that we will not charge anyone for the app because as the app is designed for young children, we believe that they will not use the app if there is money involved in it. Also because young children might be too young to buy apps. But, there are additional in app purchases for upgrades which you can buy if you want to.
By: Rosabel & Alia
This is our logo
This is the waterdrop to tell you that you are at the end of the level
Our app is a game and a chatting app called CatchIt. The aim of the game is to try and catch all the raindrops by sliding the bucket left and right, and also jumping over icicles. The progress bar at the top shows how much you have left to complete the level. It might seem easy, but as the levels increase, you will have to move much faster. You also earn money which you can spend by buying upgrades. Once you complete a level, you get a reward which is earning lots of money and unlocking new features. This app doesn't require data roaming so even if you don't have data roaming you can still use it.
Monthly Updates
There will be monthly updates so that the app will not be boring. If you would like to buy a update early you can and you can also create your own updates depending on what upgrade you create the price will be different some things are free and somethings cost money.
We have decided that
you can now compete with the world, or add friends to chat and play with them. You can share your high scores with them and also they can trade gems for money. Your friends can see what level you are on.
As you have friends, you can also chat with them. You can make group chats and share photos, videos, links and voice recordings as well as online drawings.
WHS Group
Hi guyz
Who is this app made for?
WHS Group
This app is designed for children in all ages. This is because as children will use the game aspect of it, but for other children, they might use the chatting aspect.
For Android and Apple
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