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Al Capone

No description

Marty Roth

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Al Capone

Al Capone Lived from January 17, 1899 to January 25, 1947 He was the worldest most famous Mob Boss He was married and had one kid He was known for bootlegging liquor
and prostitution Ran operations from Chicago In war with North Side Gang most of his career Leader Bugs Moran Organized the St. Valentine's Day Massacre His men murdered 7 men from the North Side Gang Capone's men dressed up as police guards
and shot all the men in cold blood Capone's popularity diminished
after the incident Al Capone was charged with
tax evasion and convicted and moved
to the Atlanta Penitentiary Al Capone was charged with
tax evasion and was convicted.
He was sent to the Atlanta Penitentiary Capone was moved to Alcatraz in 1934 Capone was paroled in 1939.
He went home to Palm Island Florida. The syphilis Capone had caught earlier in his
life took a tole on his health. In1946, a physician said he had the mental capability
of a 12 year old. Al Capone fishing in
his swimming pool Al Capone died in 1947 of a heart attack.
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