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No description

Anna Althen

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of wyoming

our trip to the beautiful state in America
Time to go home, goodby Wyoming
the family accompanied us to the airport
sad to leave all new friends but..
isn't good to be home?
Why Wyoming?
The trip
Bus from Vadstena

Flight from Arlanda --> Wyoming
The Neighborhood
Got a tour

Pretty and cold

Is it different?

Do we like it?
The Family™
They picked us up

But who are they?

A new lifestyle
So what's up with America, huh?
Our first week and a normal day in
High school
our expectations

the reality

what was the best/worst?

The second week


Is there really anything interesting about Wyoming?

Well, we are going to find out

What was the town like?
No big events or fancy statues

A small cozy town and beautiful nature
The oldest national park in the world

8991 km2

Over 200 different birds and a whole lot of other animals

Our first party
Why Wyoming?
The Family™
The Neighborhood
The second week
What was the town like?
Our first party
Tina and Peter went away

So, we threw a party

Invited all of our, Laila's and Josh's friends
Cactus ???

The last night
celebrate our visit

a restaurant
Delvis tower
a famous cliff


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