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Where The Red Fern Grows Compare/Contrast

No description

Alyssa School

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Where The Red Fern Grows Compare/Contrast

Where The Red Fern Grows Compare/Contrast By: Alyssa Sinclair
Core B Similarities Conclusion Where The Red Fern Grows Compare & Contrast Differences Have you ever read a book then seen the movie, and felt that one was much better than the other? The book Where The Red Fern Grows is somewhat similar to the movie, but is also very different. If you compare the book Where The Red Fern Grows to the movie, you can tell that they leave out a lot of details in the movie, so it's less emotional. Introduction One way the book & the movie are similar is Billy wants to get his dogs, and will do anything to get them. Billy saves money for 2 years so he can buy them. When Grandpa orders the dogs for Billy he couldn't wait so he traveled to Talequah in the middle of the night to get them. Another way they are similar is that Billy's family is important to him. Billy had extra money after he bought his dogs so he got candy for his sisters, overalls for his dad, and cloth for his mom. Billy also gives all him and his dogs coon-skin earnings to his mom. Finally the most important way they are similar is that the red fern is planted between the dogs graves. This shows how big of a relationship the dogs had. The legend says that red ferns can only be planted by angels, where one is planted is sacred ground, and their memory will last forever. One way the book and movie are different by is that the movie didn't start with the dog fight. This was important because in the book the dogfight is seen by Billy, and the hurt dog reminds him of his childhood. The movie just starts out with Billy's childhood. Another way they differ is in the book Billy and his dogs win the coon-hunting competition fairly. In the movie another competitor wins and gives the cups and the money to Billy. The book shows a lot more determination by his dogs. Finally the most important way they are different is in the movie they don't show Little Ann having a really hard time after Old Dan dies. In the book Little Ann wouldn't eat a bite without him, she slept on his dead body, and died on his grave. The movie didn't make those parts as emotional. There are lots of differences between the book and the movie, so this shows that the movie is weaker than the book. I can now see that movies aren't always better than the books. The books go more into detail than the movies do. I enjoyed the book more because of the details. The book was better because it had more detail, which gave me a visual, but when I watched the movie it was different. I would change the movie to make it longer, so they could add more detail about the relationship of the dogs.
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