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Setting and Lighting in Blood Wedding Act 3 Scene 1

No description

Ned Keogh

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Setting and Lighting in Blood Wedding Act 3 Scene 1

Blood Wedding Act 3 Scene 1 Setting and Lighting Setting Symbolic Images Colour Scheme Special Effects Trees Fresnel Spotlight Orchestral Battle Sound Design Lighting & Sound Lorca mentions that two violins can be heard representing Leonardo and the Bridegroom, they can be playing alongside each other yet opposing each other symbolizing the chase and the hate they have for each other Massive columns of wood surrounding the edge of the stage, can be wheeled on and off backstage

A massive gauze at the back of the stage with dark trees projected onto it, can be unfolded during the interval

Camouflage nets protruding from tree tops, hanging down casting shadows

Ropes hanging down from trees forming shapes and branches Uses of Brown and Greens with
very dark spaces on the stage symbolizing the the fact that it is night and the moon is not yet present

The use of reds to represent the blood that is about to be spilt, foreshadows the ending of the play Smoke machine can be used to add atmospheric effects, creating an eerie sense of fear and add to the fact it's set at night

A backlight can be used behind the Gauze to create a silhouette of the Beggarwoman as she enters the stage, the silhouette of a scythe can also be seen representing death. By Ned &Rhi Creates atmospheric feel of the forest, blending different colours in lighting, Green, Red, Blue Vari-lites Can also be used to gain atmospheric effects be creating moving shadows as it pans through the trees Motivating Light Owls hooting establishes setting, its representational sound can convey the darkness and fear of the woods at night

Cicadas Chirping due to hot climate, its atmospheric sound can create a tense atmosphere.

The sound of galloping can be heard so the bridegroom knows he's getting close, "I heard the sound of galloping a moment ago" Uplight Can be used for a flaming torch, to help build the ambiance and atmosphere of a dark night in the forest
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