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Dona Gracia Nasi

Jewish History @ Avenue J

Henry Abramson

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Dona Gracia Nasi

Dona Gracia Nasi
La Senora
The End of Iberian Jewry
Dona Gracia in Lisbon
Marriage and widowhood

The Promise and Threat of Converso Wealth

Clandestine Activities
Ancona Incident (1556)

Jewish History @ Avenue J
Dr. Henry Abramson
Her Name
Name at Christening: Beatrice de Luna Miquez
Family name de Luna, probably of Aragonese origins

Both de Luna and Miquez family names from sponsors
Diminuitive: Gracia, translation of Hannah
Chosen name: Gracia Nasi
Husband (uncle) surname: Mendes (Benveniste)
The Liminal Existence of the Converso
Pogroms, Disputations and the Beginning of the End
The Spanish Inquisition
The Decree of Expulsion
The Experience in Portugal
Portugal 1510-Istanbul 1569
Patron of Jewish Scholarship
Tomas de Torquemada
Manuel I, r. 1495-1521
The Ancona Incident (1556)
Family Conflict
Diogo's passing and the wealth of the House of Mendes
Younger sister's religious orientation
Marriage prospects of Beatrice La Chica
Pope Paul IV jails Portuguese conversos, tortures and burns 25

Dona Gracia attempts to motivate Turks to make war

Attempts to create Jewish boycott of the port of Ancona, but fails to garner universal Jewish support
Beatrice II (La Chica) Nasi
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