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e s

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of PostHSoptions

Post High School Options
Military options
*Gain skills in leadership, teamwork as well as transferable skills in nursing, healthcare, security, computer programing, mechanics and others

*Five branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

*Must have high school diploma

*Contact a military recruiter

*ABSVAB test required

*Commitment contract to start
Colleges and University

*SAT or ACT for admission

* 4 year degree or "undergraduate"

*120 credits
3 class hours = 3 credits

*General Education+ major area
of study (60 hours + 60 hours)

― Elbert Hubbard
Trade Unions and Apprenticeships
Hands on skills, work hard on every job, and earn fair pay

*Carpenter, boilermaker, bridge work and many others

*Start as apprentice (supervised)
leads to Journeyman* (independent)

*Admission test required (math + English)
*Coursework combines math, safety, and supervised, paid on-site work
(classroom to site - 1:1 ratio)

Professional Schools
*Each has its own admission exam

*Medical School

*Vet School

*Law School

*Business School
Community Colleges
Technical and Career Certifications

*Vocation training teaches career skills for a particular job

*Earn a certificate or license

*Six months to two years of training

*Course work and hands-on training (some are one school site)

*Medical assisting, insurance coding, web design, paralegal, culinary, music production, interior design, aviation for example
“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.”
*Developmental learning
*Career training
*Transfer education & partnering
*Distance learning

About 122 hours

Unions can mean benefits such as health insurance and job placement
Graduate study leads to
Master's Degree

*48 credits

*field work

*original research
Financial Aid Terms:

*Use for technical, vocation, community college, and college/university

*Loans : borrow and pay back monthly with interest
(due 6 months after graduation)

*Grants : free money from the government

*Work study : on campus job, time commitment during the week. May have earn hourly salary as well
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