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tsesiuting's ap present--pros and cons o radio ads

Norris Ng

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of radioads

Radio advertising Radio has survived as an advertising medium because it offers advertisers certain advantages for communicating messages to their potential customers.

However, radio has some limitations that affects its roles in the advertiser’s media strategy.
Advantages Cost and Efficiency
Radio is probably the most flexible of all the advertising
media because it has a very short closing period.

Thus, advertisers can change their message almost up to the
time it goes on the air.
Creative Limitations

Limited Listener Attention
Disadvantages Radio is an advertising medium without a visual image.

The radio advertiser cannot show the product, demonstrate it, or use any type of visual appeal or information.
Listeners may be involved in other activities such as driving or working on
a computer. They may not pay attention
to the radio.
Low Cost
Radio, on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis, is one of the
least expensive media.

Radio allows marketers to focus their advertising
on specialized audiences such as certain
demographic and lifestyle groups.
The broadcast day for radio is divided into various time periods

As with TV, the rate structure for radio advertising time varies
with different time periods.
Buying radio time sourcing from Hong Kong Speicalty Radio
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