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Wellness Station

Market Research

Paige Wiktor

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Wellness Station

Assignment of Project
Initial Meeting
Develop Proposal
Present Proposal
The Wellness

Recieve Approval
Conduct survey
Analyze results
Present findings
Data Results
100 people took the survey
Scale 1-5
On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the least and 5 being the greatest, please rate the following:
What is your approximate household income?
Market Overview
over 75% of healthcare spending is dedicated to chronic conditions
The competition includes:
fitness centers and gyms offering
top of the line fitness equipment at an affordable rate
Product Overview
Desk Jockey is a stationary exercise device comprised of pedals on a vertical moving track where the user places their feet to pedal up and down.

situated under the desk

small sliding motions

keeps employees moving while seated

efficient means to raise energy expenditure

will not disturb others
Goals and Objectives
contact employees and human resource departments in the metro Detroit area to gather information about their workplace
The incorporation of The Wellness Station and Desk Jockey into job locations where the daily primary mode of work is conducted sitting at a desk or cubicle for an extended period of time

Introduction (Secondary Research)
- (Research Proposal) Need for fitness programs in sedentary work environments established
-Examine fitness programs already established in the industry
- 50% of U.S. employers (with 50 or more employees) having wellness programs available
-larger companies were more likely to offer wellness programs
-Four common components:
1. Wellness programs/ EAPs
2. Changing benefit designs
3. Structural changes
4. Contextual Changes
The Desk Jockey and Wellness Station have great potential in the health and wellness market targeted towards sedentary work environments.
Sedentary work environments are becoming more prevalent and the majority of these workers sit for more than 6 hours per day
Competitive Overview
the “Cycler”
The Cycler allows you to work both upper and lower parts of your body at home or work.
This piece of equipment is:
easy to use
low in cost,
easily transportable
relativity accessible
The SoloHealth Station
At the SoloHealth Station, consumers can check their:
blood pressure
weight management
receive a health risk assessment for no cost at all.
The Wellness Station is a wellness kiosk, which consists of:

health information

screening activities to identify health risks

preventive interventions to address health risks

health promotion activities to further create healthy lifestyles (e.g., healthy food options)

The health and wellness programs offered to employees
Employees thoughts on subjects related to your concepts of health and wellness improvement in the workplace
The information gathered was used to decide which types of businesses have sedentary work environments that would benefit from your product and service.
Not only do the majority of sedentary workers not have a wellness station or mode of exercise, but also that they believe their work and overall wellness could be improved with such products and services.
The results of our surveys suggest that this product and service would be successful in such sedentary work environments
Data Results
Which market would the Desk Jockey and The Wellness Station kiosk be most beneficial in?
After evaluating the secondary research, the information was not sufficient enough to answer your question.
75% of respondents do not have an existing wellness/health station
Majority of respondents (46%) sit 7-10 hours a day
87% of respondents believe their work performance could be improved by being involved in physical activity at work
Target: Small-Midsize sedentary organizations
Financial Services
Distribution: Information guides to HR
Spread Awareness
Build Rapport
Statistics (Appendix A)
30 pre-test respondents
Revised survey
Distributed online via Qualtrics at no cost
Final survey = 1 open-ended question, 5 dichotomous, 6 multiple choice, and 2 series of scaled response questions
100 Respondents
Used Qualtrics to analyze the data
The Questions
How much physical activity were sedentary workers getting on a daily basis?

Would sedentary workers be interested in getting more exercise during their daily work routine?
>An assumption to this question would be that if companies were interested, they would be fully aware of the health benefits of wellness programs.

Would companies be willing to use the product and services of the Wellness Station?
A second assumption was that companies were willing to dedicate the time and resources to implement a wellness program that could potentially help motivate their employees to get more physical activity during work hours.

Location of your product
>Hospitals were not an option due to competing product, The Cycler
>Metro Detroit Area
Getting surveys to sedentary work

>Time was a limitation
This led to the need
for our study!
In order for this product and service to become useful and beneficial, specific research questions were addressed regarding the product and service.
Does Your company have an existing wellness station?
How many hours a day do you sit?
What is your age?
Do you feel your work performance could be improved by being involved in physical activity at work?
Please rate the following on which characteristics are most influential on your participation in a wellness program?
What time of the day are you motivated to do physical fitness?
What gender do you identify with?
Do you own or rent a residence?
Are you married?
If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain:
What industry do you work in?
What is the age of your oldest child?
Executive Summary
Wellness Station
Mr. Scarchilli
Team Wellness Station
Wayne State University
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