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Homework: what is it good for?

No description

Josh Flores

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Homework: what is it good for?

Homework: What is it good for? Claim: ___________________

3)______________________________ Commit & Toss Take your Claim + Evidence on a separate piece of notebook paper and wad it up into a ball.

GENTLY toss it across the room! Design a course for schools.
What would it teach students?
How would it be assessed? Learning Goal Today we are using research skills to understand how learning happens in the brain and determine whether homework is effective for learning. New Words Claims:

Evidence: Brainstorming Results IDENTIFY Sketches What is the purpose of homework? How do you learn? 12 Rules for the Brain Divide into Pairs

Choose a Rule to Study from

Create a GIST + Visual Aid
explaining your Rule RESEARCH (part 1) So... how do YOU learn? Does homework help you learn? What does? Research (part 2) Pros Cons Your
Opinion -Divide in to Research Teams
-Review 2-4 articles about Homework
-As you read: New
Words Details Main
Idea Divide articles to study with your research team Compile Research After studying your assigned Research Articles, share a GIST of the information with your Research Team GIST - One Sentence summary in 20 words of homework of homework Claim Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Evidence 3 use a separate
sheet of
notebook paper WITHOUT HITTING ANYONE Then find another Research Team's paper ball and review. Did they make a claim? Is it supported with enough evidence? http://bit.ly/homeworkresearch Download at: [requires computer lab with internet access] You will create arguments using two structures- an assertion or statement information indicating whether
a claim is valid EXAMPLE: "It rained last night." EXAMPLE: "The grass is wet."
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