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Obama Miles Traveled Miles to go

No description

Mannat Chander

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Obama Miles Traveled Miles to go

Barak Obama:
Miles Travled, Miles
To Go

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About the Author
Kaplan recounts the wonder at hearing the words "preisdent Obama" for the first time but at the same time acknowledges that his election has done nothing to address the poerty and crime afflicting large portions of the black community. she understands whats holding obama back but is still angry about it.

Main Idea
The Truth
1. Who do we have as our teachers?
2. Are all religions accepted in our community?
3. What are our two social classes consisted of?
4. What superhero team are we affiliated with?
5. What types of political systems does our community have?
6. Why were we chosen as the leaders?
7. Who rules the utopian community once the leaders die?
8. We have two houses in our parliament. What are those two houses?
9. Who decides what businesses we have in our soceity?
10. What are some of our community values?
By: Erin Aubry Kaplan
Erin Aubry Kaplan is a Los Angeles journalist and columnist who has written about African-American political, economic and cultural issues. She was the First black weekly op-ed columnist in the paper’s history
in 2008 America did something exceptional they elected Barak Obama as president Of the United States.
The Challenges he was faced with:
The collapse of the housing and financial markets
A gridlocked Congress
two wars in afghanistand and iraq
a lot of Debt and much more
This article is a piece she wrote from her recenet essay collection, "Black Talk, Blue thoughts, and walking to colored line." (2011)
The article starts off with her sitting in her car listening to the radio talking about Obama what’s he thinking and what issues he’s grappling with in the near future. She is so happy to be alive she says “who the hell would have thought they’d be here this very moment, it feels like getting a shot of pure oxygen when you’ve been breathing bad air so long, the good stuff almost kills you.”
But then the moment passes and the newscast ends, shes back to real life and as shes driving along she is almost reluctant to look around her at the largely black neighborhood. She looks at the red graffiti that cuts across the pale brick walls like flesh wounds, she notices the young black men congegrated around the open door of a tattoo shop like it’s a church hall. The distance between her town and Barak is miles apart. In all the praise and doubt he’s gotten he fails to mention the black neighborhoods and crime infested streets.
She feels the burden and blame for this state of affairs is all of ours. this is what we loath to admit, to see. For black people so hungry for victory, the most she can say is that "barak is of us , a shining example of us, but he is not all of us . The strange truth is we secured a black president before we secured justice for the vast majority of black people. some say the murky chapter of black stuggle has finally come to an end while others say it has just begun.
This is the secound part of her article here she leaves all hope of what Obama can do and just gives up on him. She talks about how the name Obama has not become associated with the word “president” when America does this they will have accepted him as a leader. The acceptance starts with the title president but it goes much deeper than that. The person in charge “the face” is what makes a nation possible
She says obamas political fortune was viewed more as a privilege given to him by a generous and (anxious) public, rather than by his qualities to lead the country. Basically she says people voted for him because he was pity case and because he was black rather than for the qualities he had. The mentality was he owes us because we voted for him.
Why did America Vote for Obama?
Obama arrived with more major national and international crises to fix and deflect than any other president in history. He had so much more pressure on him because she says in the real world, blacks are given little room to fail.
For eight years Bush, despite being widely despised, was granted plenty of latitude, shades of gray and even forgiveness by media and by the voters,

Why do you think this is?
his is because Bush was familiar. He was just like all the other presidents before him White. He may have been an idiot, but to the voters he was their idiot, the underachieving fuck-up that people could relate to. Obama was a new face to the public and he was different than the presidents before him. This made him harder to trust. America hired Obama ; they didn’t invite him into their hearts. America gives him a chance, then we applaud ourselves for our generosity, and then settle quickly into our seats popcorn in hand just waiting till his makes a mistake.
In conclusion She started off with so much hope for Obama but as time progressed she noticed he did nothing for the black community she said “Obama talks black, lives white” she understands his hands are tied but still she had some hope.
Authors main message
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