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Juan Mata

No description

Pedro Ríos García

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Juan Mata

Juan Mata
Sandra y Pedro 2ºB

Spain team

He was convocated for first time with Spain team by Vicente Del Bosque for a friendly match opposite Chile, disputed in Villareal in 2008 but he didn’t become to debut

His passing through the Valencia C.F.
Juan Mata arrived to the Valencia team on
Manchester United
Chelsea C.F
Juan Mata (biography)
He was born in Burgos, Spain, on the 28th of april in 1988. He grow up in Oviedo, where he started to play football when he was 17 years old. He studied maths at Oviedo University. His girlfriend name's Lorena. His more important debuts were in the worldwide and in the eurocope. He has got two brothers. His dad was a football player too.
This is Juan Mata
Luis Scola
is taller than Mata
His first goal in the Valencia
Teams that he played
1. Juventud Estadio.
2.Real Madrid Castilla.
3.Valencia C.F.
4.Chelsea F.C.
5.Manchester United.

Comparatives and superlatives
Juan Mata is
smaller than
Rafa Nadal

Luis Scola is
taller than
Juan Mata

Juan Mata is
younger than
Cristiano Ronaldo

Leo Messi and Ronaldo are
the best
players in the world.
is rarer than mata
Lady Gaga
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