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My Louisville!

No description

Sid Lohano

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of My Louisville!

Some natural characteristics of Louisville are the Ohio River and Cherokee Park. Some human characteristics are the Yum center and the Mega caverns.
Movement in Louisville
Louisville used boats to go on the Ohio River.
Louisville is great
Human Environment Interaction.
In the winter people in Louisville wear coats and jackets and pants to stay warm. In the summer people in Louisville wear shorts so that they won't burn because if you wear pants and long sleeves in the middle of July you are going to sweat a lot. The highest temperature in Louisville has been 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temperature in Louisville recorded has been -22 degrees Fahrenheit.
People first came and made shelter where Louisville is today when they figured out that their boats could not get past the Ohio Falls. They made shelter where Louisville is today and in a matter of time it became a city with of population of 253, 128 people in 1999.
Monday, September 8, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Louisville is the most populous city in
Kentucky with a population of
253, 128 people in 1999. It is the only
designated first-class city in Kentucky.
Louisville is in the Metropolitan
Statistical Area. A region known in
Kentucky is called the Blue Grass
My Louisville!
The absolute location of Louisville is located at
38.2500 N and 85.7667
W. Louisville's relative location is along the Ohio River, in Kentucky, and near Lexington.


Things in Louisville
400 West Market
400 West Market is a skyscraper in Louisville. It is currently the tallest building in Kentucky. It was built in 1993. The cost for building it was $100 million. The building was actually called the Capital Holding Center, it was also then called the Providian Center and Aegon Center. It was renamed 400 West Market in 2014.
KFC Yum! Center
The KFC Yum! Center is the largest college basketball arena in the USA. Its record for most people attending an event is 22, 815 people. That was against Notre Dame in 2013. The main teams of the KFC Yum! Center are the Louisville men and womens basketball teams.
Fourth Street Live!
Fourth Street Live! is a 350,000 sq. ft place for fun. It is owned by the Cordish Company. It was opened up to the public on June 1st, 2004. The shops were opened to the public on October 30th, 2004. It is a main place with restaurants and concerts.
Louisville Slugger Musuem and Factory
The Louisville Slugger Musuem and Factory has historic things. One thing is the bat that Babe Ruth used to hit his final home run as a Yankee. They also have the giant bat. It is the tallest bat in the world, but it is made of steel and is hollow. The bat looks like it is leaning on the musuem but it is actually free-standing.
Galt House
The Galt House is a hotel with 25 floors and has 1300 rooms. It was the house of Dr. W.C Galt. When the house became a hotel people called it the best hotel in Louisville. Some famous people stayed there including Abraham Lincoln. jfjf
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