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Eye of the Storm

No description

Connor Neilmarkka

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Eye of the Storm

Where the story takes place
Main author
The Plot
Beginning: In the beginning off eye of the storm a girl named Jaden Meggs is with he father going to placid Meadows. Jaden is going to placid meadows because there is a summer camp which is all about science and Placid Meadows is safe from the killer tornadeos and the monster storms.
Middle: In the midle of the novel Jaden and Risha almost die because they went to the farms where they knew a tornadeo was about to come through. There was nothing left of the farms. Jaden learns that her dad can change the direction of the tornadoes in to going to other places and away from Placid Meadows. Her dad takes Jaden on a trip to his work place. Jaden then steals all of the files on the computer because she thinks her dad is doing some bad stuff but has no proof. Jaden almost gets cost in two chapters because someone took her dataslate, where she kept all of the files.
Eye of the Storm
By: Connor N 6C
The Setting
The story takes place in Placid Meadows. The year is 2050. The Placid Meadows is in the state of Oklahoma and in America. A one of a kind community that tornadoes can not penetrate for reasons unknown. Placid Meadows is safe. People who live there don't fear the storms. Placid meadows is the only place in the world that is safe from killer tornadoes and monster storms.
Character 2 is Risha. Risha is a dynamic character because in the begining she did not care about anything and didn`t take things seriously. Later on in the book after Risha take stuff more seriously because Risha and Jaden both almost die because of her sillyness. Risha is a protagonist character because she is one ao the main characters because she helps Jaden do alot of things that Jaedn couldn`t done on her own.
Character 2
Character three Alex. Alex is a Round character because he has many personalty traits such as smart, funny, strtegic and serious. Alex has a major role because Jden would have been compromised and the people at storm safe would have dealed with her. Alex is a protagonist because he is very important he's a role character to.
Character 3
About Kate Messer
Kate Messner is an award winning author who is very talented in book writing. Kate has made many books for kids and also has made many adult books. She has made over twenty books, adult and kids.
Character 1
Character 1 is Jaden. Jaden is a flat character because she has a major role in the novel. Jaden has a big role in Eye of The Storm because she wants to find a way to stop the killer tornadeos. By stoping the storms Jaden will save countless lives. One of her personality traits is that Jaden is very intellagant. Jaden is a protagonist becuase the story reveals around her.
Favorite incident
My favorite incident in Eye of The Strom was in chapter 24 to 31 because when Jaden and Alex are at his farm getting his family to safety they see the most deadly storm they have ever seen. The tornadeo was made up of three tronadeos beeing swallowed up in each other. I liked this part in the book the most because I think it is very suspenceful and interesting.
My recomandation is if you like a book with danger lurcing down every corner this is the book for you. Suspence is running through the vains of Eye of the Storm. The author has amazing detail and well written. This book has a great storyline to. You'll never want to put this book down. If you like all the things I just said, this is the right book for you.
Who I most relate to
The character Risha is the one I relate to because we're both funny. Another reason is that we both respect our friends. Were both a little bit of mischief and we like an adventure. Risha and I are both caring. When it comes to being serious we take things seriously.
End: In the end her dad was always creating the storms. He was never trying to top storms, he created them. He went to jail. Jaden relises her granma who was never dead. She went crazy and was going to kill her dad. Jaden goes home with her mom to Logan County.
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