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Luis Maldonado

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Group Claim
In every individuals life, there is death, but what they do to that point and whether they choose to accept it or avoid it, is their choice.
Moon from home is a foreign place By Zarina

To an Empty Page

By Robert Pack

Voice: Echo:
How from emptiness can I make a start? Start
And starting, must I master joy or grief? Grief
But is there consolation in the heart? Art
Oh cold reprieve, where’s natural relief? Leaf
Leaf blooms, burns red before delighted eyes. Dies
Here beauty makes of dying, ecstasy. See
Yet what’s the end of our life’s long disease? Ease
If death is not, who is my enemy? Me
Then are you glad that I must end in sleep? Leap
I’d leap into the dark if dark were true. True
And in that night would you rejoice or weep? Weep
What contradiction makes you take this view? You
I feel your calling leads me where I go. Go
But whether happiness is there, you know. No
Schutz , Dana. PRESENTATION. 2005. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
THE COLLECTION. Web. 7 Nov. 2013
Zarina. MOON FROM HOME IS A FOREIGN PLACE. 1999. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
THE COLLECTION. Web. 7 Nov. 2013

Works Cited.
"An Echo Sonnet To an Empty Page" Our group thought that this could be about someone looking to start a new life, or trying to look into their future to see what it holds.
Title -
Paraphrase -
A man tries to find his place in the world. As he tries to figure out where he belongs he starts to wonder about where he will end up in the future.
Connotation -
In the poem imagery is used to express the meaning of the poem. Imagery is able to show the mans thoughts about the future and his death.
Attitude -
The speaker conveys a sense of unknowing which leads to a dark and depressing tone of the overall poem.
Shifts -
In the poem the major shift occurs in lines 8 - 9. The speaker is originally speaking about his futures, but then later goes on to talk about what will happen after his death.
Title -
After reading and analyzing the poem we interpret the title to be about new beginnings and uncertain ends.
Theme -
With every new beginning in our life we think we have an understanding of what will happen next, but we will never really know what will be our end.
We thought that "An Echo Sonnet to an Empty Page" by Robert Pack, was a great poem and can be interpreted in many different ways. When we first started this project Sam thought that the overall motif for the poem was about finding the meaning of death and that everyone has a different idea about death, while Luis thought it was about trying to find where someone belongs in life when they start a new chapter of their life, and Max thought that it was about finding the true meaning of death and what comes after death. After we had discussed our own ideas, we were able to come up with a central theme that put all of our ideas into a single theme of the poem.
By Dana Schutz
Medium: One from a portfolio of 36 woodcuts and letterpress, mounted on paper.
Observations: It shows the different phases of the moon, with either a mix of black or white. The black and white contrast. There is also lines connecting each moon to a central light.
Considerations: The tone and mood are both ambiguous, and mysterious, because it is both dark and light. The motivations of the artist was to create an image with words that relate to the theme of "home."
Analysis: The artist uses words that relate to the theme of home, which can make the audience feel at home. The message of the artist is that no matter where one is in life, whether it is a dark time or a happy time, there is always one place that will always be there, and that place is home. The artist wants one to know that home is a special place that one can always go back to, and be happy.


The artwork demonstrates the different stages of life the moon, which stands for the different stages of life. It shows the dark and happy times in life, but no matter what, one always has the choice to go back home. Just like in the poem, one has the choice whether to be happy, or not. Both the poem and the artwork display and speak about different stages in life, either a happy or depressing stage. They show that happiness exists, one just has to look for it and find it. They both show that everything will eventually end, so one has the choice whether to make it a happy one, or a depressing one.
The End
Poetry Explication Project

by Max Dausch, Luis Maldonado, and Sam Hanke

The painting "Presentation" by Dana Shultz has a hidden message that closely resembles our groups claim. If you look in the at the individuals in the piece, you can see that they each have different emotions and facial expressions. As they look upon the two dead bodies, some individuals cry and mourn the loss of these loved ones, and some seem to have no specific feeling towards this event. Everyone in this painting is dealing with death differently, and that emotions they choose to feel are entirely up to them.
Medium- Oil on canvas
Observations-The piece shows a group of people/mourners at what seems to be a funeral. Ironically, the colors the artist used are bright and vivid.
Considerations-The tone, despite the color choice, is somewhat depressing. The amount of detail that the artist puts into the dead bodies can be described as somewhat graphic and disgusting. Our group believed that the intentions of the author was not only to entertain, but to convey a hidden message that the reader can connect to.
Analysis-The individuals of our group all agreed that the message of the painting was incredibly similar to the message of the poem, that death can be found everywhere, and the choice of avoiding or accepting it decided by the individual.

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