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Made by Human

Made by Human is a social business project where it will give an opportunity to underprivileged people to earn legally and respectfully.

Mohammed Ibrahim

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Made by Human

Prostitution in Bangladesh from legal aspects
Situation of brothel sex workers in Bangladesh
Executive Summary
Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Business Resources
Business strategies
Financial Projection & Budgets
1. The state shall adopt effective measure to prevent prostitution & gambling (source: Clause 2 of Article 18, Constitution of Bangladesh)
2. Penal Code, 1860:
3. Bangladesh High Court Ruling :
The Bangladeshi Hight Court has
ruled that prostitution as a livelihood
is not illegal.
This is only given to them if they can
convince the authorities that they
have no other means of earning an
Total number of brothel sex workers
Name : Made by Human
Type : Social business
Social problems: Unemployment problem of underprivileged people (sex workers, nomadic people, third gender etc)
Location: Banishanta Brothel, Mongla, Khulna
1. Location near Mongla port
2. No middle men (buying house)
1. Inexperienced workers
2.Infrastructure problems
1. Huge competition
3. Less production
2. Possibility of withdrawing jobs
Number of garment factories : 5600
Competitors' current Market Share
This sector accounts for 81% of total export earnings of the country.
BGMEA has declared its ambitious plan to reach the export target of US $ 50 billion by 2021, the 50th anniversary of the nation’s Independence.
Number of Employment in Garment Factories: 4.2 million workers mainly women from low income families
Target Market
Financial Projection on Human Resources per order
Financial Projection on Physical Resources
Initial investment BDT 4,500,000
Physical Resources
Juki Sewing Machine
Liquid Cooling & Ventilation Garment
Raw Materials(Yearn,Button,Cotton,etc.)
Fire Extinguisher
Past incidents
Pre-Production marketing strategies
Entrepreneurship is all about
providing solution to the
problems of mankind.

Omar Nasif Abdullah,
Lecturer at North South
Mission Statement :
A world where everyone earns a decent living
Additional marketing opportunities
for our customers
Organizational Structure
Post-Production marketing strategies
Break-event Point
The factory will take 1-2 orders per month
Each orders include 2000 garments product
Each product will sale $10 to our customer
Total sale BDT 1,556,349 in one order
Total cost BDT 964,000 in one order
Total revenue BDT 592349 in one order
Initial investment BDT 4,500,000
So, it will take 9 orders at which total cost and total revenue are equal
Creating awareness on the miserable lifes of the underprivileged people by making advertisement, documentaries etc
Fashion show where models wear clothes made by human
This step is all about strengthening the logo "Made by Human"
This step is all about having direct communication with out target market
to get production order
Using our USP to convince our customer that they can widen their marketing and CSR activities
To get production orders
BUS 101
Section: 29
Course Instructor: Omar Nasif Abdullah
Training program
Motivational factors (free medical treatment, free schooling for children of sex workers)
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