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The easy energy water cleaner

No description

Jannik Schwachta

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of The easy energy water cleaner

The easy energy water cleaner
The Problem
My Idea
Problems of the Idea
There is dirty water everywhere that people can't drink
There is not much clear water in nature that we humans can drink

97.5% of all water on Earth is saltwater and only 2.5 is clean water but we can only access 1% and some of this water is infested or dirty

A water cleaner that can clean infested and dirty water + turn saltwater into freshwater + works with reliable energy
Strong filtering system that can work with reliable energy (solar panels)
Turning saltwater into freshwater
Not to big but cheap so that mostly everyone can buy one
Transportation to people that suffer under dirty water and don't have much money
Teaching people how to use the water cleaner and advertise the product and the problem in the world
Should be in every survival kit
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