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Brave Harriet

No description

Library Media

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Brave Harriet

Brave Harriet
No women has ever gotten a Flyers lisence before. She was the first women to get her lisence.
Before she wanted to be a pilot she was a newspaper writer.
The planes back then planes did not have brakes.
Back then planes did not have brakes.
By: Miggy and Carter
On April 15 1912 was the day she was supposed to take off but there was a storm.
When she saw a plane fly she new she wanted to be a pilot.
The first time she flew a solo was where she found where she belonged
Gustave Hamel said when your up in the air she won't see anything but fog.
Gustave Hamel said we'll meet in France to switch clothing.
There was nothing to see when she was flying over the English Channel.

Gustave Hamel said you could dress in my clothing so you wouldn't half to fly the whole way.
Brave Harriet could dangle between air and water and it will feel great.
She have imagined to be above the water.
While she was flying her plane started to turn side ways.
After the scare below the clouds she could see the coast of France.
It was 7:00 when she landed on the coast of France.
People were rushing over to meet the girl who flow over the Channel.
After she crossed the Channel she knew she had done it.
While she was crossing the English Channel she had to get directions from her compass.
While she was driving the plane white fog crept into her bones.
Gustave Hamel thought she couldn't think she could fly across the Channel.
At 5:35 her plane flew up in the sky
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