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comparing The Odyssey to O brother, Where Art Thou

No description

Ashley Diehl

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of comparing The Odyssey to O brother, Where Art Thou

Ashley Diehl O Brother, Art Thou and The Odyssey character comparison Quest Comparison O Brother Where,
Art Thou
Blind railroad conductor
prophesizes the future
of the main characters.
Singing about their lives for money.
Wear beards/disguises to sneak
into political rally so Evert can
talk to Penny.
Three girls singing in the river
Escaped from a jail
Diffrences O Brother Where,
Art Thou
Everett doesn't
believe in any gods
set in 1937
trying to get home
because wife about to
get married O Brother
Where, Art Thou

Big Dan
Pete and Delmar
Governor Menelaus
Harvey girls
Vernon T. Waldrup
The Odyssey

Odysseus' crew
King Menelaus
The Suitors

The Odyssey
Tiresias prophesizes
the future of Odysseus
and his crew in Land
of the Dead.
Odysseus telling King Alcinous
about his tale for a ship ride
Odysseus is disguised by Athena so he
may talk to Penelope at his house
without the suitors knowing.
The Sirens
Escaped from Calypso's island
The Odyssey
Odysseus believes in gods
Bronze age
Trying to get home because his wife and home is trying to be taken over by suitors
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