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The Lightning thief

No description

Ismael Abdulqder

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lightning thief

By: Rick Riodrdan
Date of publication: July 1 2005 THE LIGHTNING THIEF By: Rick Riodrdan Date of publication: July 1 2005 The lightning thief novel takes place everywhere, in the sky, in the sea, underground, and all across America. It takes place in the present, and so you'll probably recognize a lot of the places that Percy visits, both from the world you live in and the Ancient Greek stories, the underworld and the olympics, This novel first take place in New York A young 12 year old boy named Percy Jackson goes to school on a regular day. Killed his math teacher Mrs. Dodds who turns out to be an Underworld monster. His mother takes him to camp with his best friend Grover who is a satyr and gets attacked by a Minotaur. He fails to save his mother and kills the beast. Percy passed out and wakes up in a cabin getting fed with ambrosia, the food for the gods, by Annabeth Chase. He is at camp for half-bloods that's mean he is in half human and half god camp. He is determined that he is the Son of Poseidon and goes on a quest to clear his name of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt Plot The Lighting Thief main character is Percy Jackson. He is half god and half human, his father is Poseidon, the god of sea. He is twelve years old from New York, with powers of demigod. He got kicked out from six different schools, he is not a troublemaker, but it seems that the troubles seems to follow him around. He never knew his real mother and father. Percy didn’t believe in Greek gods until some monster attacked him in his school. When he learned that his father is Poseidon he was taken to the half blood camp for half blood kids who need protection from the monsters who want to kill demigod. Percy learns that a war will begin if he didn't bring the Master Bolt back.

MAIN CHARACTER The major conflict in the lightning thief is someone stole Zeus's most precious weapon, his lighting bolt. Percy is sent on a quest with, Annabeth and Grover, to find out who stole the lightning bolt and to return it supposedly from the Hades, in the underworld. Major conflict The first minor character in the lightning thief novel is Annabeth she is another half blood. She is tall blond hair, and gray eyes, she looks like her mother Athena. Athena is the ruler of the city Athene. Poseidon and Athena don’t get along, because they had some problems in the past. Annabeth is smart girl, she know how to make plans and she always got one. That’s why she is the leader of the group that assigned to get the master bolt from the Underworld. She is the leader because she know the team strength and weaknesses. She is very interested in art, crafting, and building just like her mother. She met Percy at the half blood camp, they call her the camper, because she been in the camp for a long time.

Minor Character The second minor character in Grover. Grover and Percy are best friends, he met him at Yancy Academy. Grover was crippled, he had a muscular disease, he couldn’t walk straight. Grover loves food that thing Percy and Grover share. He is older than the other students in his school. When he arrived in the half blood camp, he knew he wants to be a keeper, but that required courage to face the monsters. He failed twice, but he got a last chance, he have to bring Percy and Annabeth back to half blood hill. He found that he had courage all the time, but he didn’t know it. Until he helped Percy get the master bolt back.

Minor Character Luke's the best swordsman in the last three hundred years. he helped Percy a lot in Percy's first days at Camp Half-Blood. He showed him how to fight with sowrd and shield, he also helped Percy understand that everyone in the camp is family. Luke was Percy idle until he found out that he stole the master bolt and the helmet from Zeus and Hades. He wanted to destroy the olympic god, but Percy stopped him with his friends help

Minor Character The lightning Thief is a first person point of view. The narrator is Percy Jackson, He tells his story during his sixth year and the summer that follow that year. Percy Jackson doesn't waste time, he immediately start with action, his feelings, and his feelings for others. He wants the readers of the book feel like they are inside his brain, and imagining everything he say in details. That’s why he tell the settings everywhere he goes to, he even describe how he kill each monster in details, and humor. He actually made the readers feel what he felt.. He also knows when to cut the the brief details and just give us the action. Narrator And Voice Violence will lead to more violence is one of many themes in The Lightning Thief Book. Percy Jackson and his friends can’t do their mission without encountering monsters and gods who want their lives. Percy is only twelve years old, but he killed many monsters that stood in his way. He had to kill them for his mission sake. It’s amazing how Percy and Grover kept their sense of humor, they made jokes and laughed in hard situation. When he finally finished his difficult mission, he gave the master bolt to Zeus. He expected that his father will be proud, but instead he told Percy that he will leave him and spare his life"for now." This monster picture symbolize violence because, every time you cut his head, two head will grow. Same thing with violence, every time a person do something violent, it will lead to more violence.

Theme We encounter many Greek gods in The Lightning Thief novel. Their weapons symbolize their powers, for example the master bolt symbolist Zeus powers and his full control over lightning. And Poseidon trident symbolist his control over the whole water in the world. Hades has a helmet of darkness and Ares has a shield, these weapons represent the rule of each god and their gifts and unique abilities. This picture symbols the power of Zeus. Symbolism This picture symbolic the power of Poseidon and his full control over the sea. Symbolism An example of irony is when Percy didn’t believe in gods even when his teacher turned into a monster and tried to kill him. When he arrived to the half blood camp he met the guardians of the half blood, even then he didn’t believe it. After a while he was told that his own father is a god and he is not any god, he is Poseidon the god of the sea. Irony My personal rating is 4/5
Because this book includes
humor, irony, action. Evaluation Setting
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