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Transfer Orientation: Online, Then In-Person

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Jeremy Parrish

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Transfer Orientation: Online, Then In-Person

Focus on Transfer Advising and Orientation
The report is sent to our data services liaison, who scripts the new information into Banner. Information is tested, and ready to be pulled in the next report.
Students who have not completed OAR attend a special advising/curriculum information session before registering for classes.
Near the beginning of the semester, all course levels are adjusted, and students are able to register for up to 18 hours. The departments receive lists of intended majors, and assign faculty advisors.
Advisors check student registration, and send reminders to those who have not registered each night. Feedback is sent to students, with options for alternatives/additional coursework.

On the specified date, reports are merged and a list of eligible students have RAN's scripted in Banner. Intended majors are sent to Assistant Provost, who adjusts course levels. Script is checked, then RAN's are sent to students (with a reminder about registration dates).
A Banner report with a list of deposited students is split into groups, then sent to IT to be added to the Moodle user list. IT confirms, then a mail merge sends an invitation to students.
Transfer Orientation:
Online, Then In-Person

O.A.R. - Online Advising and Registration
Spring 2014 - Fall 2014:
The Current O.A.R. Course
University of North Carolina at Asheville
NC's designated public liberal arts university.
~ 3600 students total
30% - 40% of incoming class are new transfer students.
~ 21% of student population > 25 years old.
2012 transfer student retention rate = 76%
2012 new freshman
retention rate = 80.3%
Curriculum Info Session, then advisement by faculty at orientation.
Prior to Spring 2011
(Yes, there is only one.)
Students really enjoy meeting with faculty.
Logistical nightmare!
Faculty were not happy to spend so much time on campus (3 days for 2 sessions).
Advising/Registration overlap.
Pre-advising appointments
Waiver for em
Curriculum Info Sessions
Early (partial) registration
Spring 2011 - Spring 2012
( ... OR ... Throwing Spaghetti)
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Spring 2011
Individual Appointments - All scheduled by email
New Student Checklist
Increased Presence on Campus (Fairs and Such)

Fall 2011
Good Things

Formal Invitation - Check Your Email
Appointment Schedule
More Focus on Schedule
Some Early Registration
"Homework" for Students
"QuickStart" Idea

Spring 2012
Better Communication

Timeline Included in Admissions Packet
Reminder Emails
More Information About embark
Bad Things

Time Suck: ~ 5 Weeks of Straight Appointments
What to do About embark
Freshmen were allowed to change their registration (including LSIC) at embark

More Structure

Stick to 1 Hour or Less
Scratched Phone Appointments
Register Student for 7 Hours at Appointment
Fall 2012
2 Advisors
Pre-advising group appointments
Register for 10 hours at group appointments
registration and adjustment
Low freshmen em

Enter OAR
Fall 2012 Online Orientation
Started small (80 transfers and 50 freshmen)
Only for students unable/unwilling to attend embark orientation
Some quizzes based on orientation handout
Focus on how to register
"The word 'successful' was pronounced oddly..."

"Videos would be easier to follow if they were voiced by people who had experience with public speaking."

"would be better to c advisor 1st."
What do people think?
Freshmen Transfers
Sent late (July)
Big files with long download time.
Focus on registration
All-inclusive (life on campus, family involvement)
PPT's and one streaming video
Partial schedule
adjustment at orientation.
Still registering and adjusting schedules at orientation.
Tying OAR to Registration: The Process
Student gets accepted, and is notified by Admissions that they need to deposit in order to receive the OAR Course.
Student Deposits
Data from OAR, required forms and invitations is merged into the original report.
Report is checked for inconsistencies, specifically students who have not submitted required forms.
Student registers and sends an e-form indicating registration is ready for review
The process continues until...
We run a script to assign advisors, and send students their advisor's information.
Cold calls! Woo hoo!
Student Schedules

What They Said
"I liked the fact that you can go at your own pace and do the orientation from home."
"I like that it took the place of several hours of seminars. I like that all the information i needed was in a summarized powerpoints; it made it easier to understand."
"Revamp and let a student do it."
"The Powerpoints seem underproduced and the audio is almost broken on some slides."
"Video lectures would be more engaging than power points."
"The powerpoint section was too slow and repetative [sic]."
"It seems to be a bit jumbled at the moment. More streamlined would make it nicer."
Spring 2013 Onward
What They Said
"[I liked] The explination [sic] of what a liberal arts institution is."
"Although tedious at times, I think the quizzes helped reinforce the material into my head."
"I see what the point of this is, but it's all a jumble of information that I memorized for 2 minutes to pass the quiz. I learn best through meeting with an actual person."
"Drop the quiz part and focus on consolidating the information in a succinct manner. The quizzes are patronizing."
"Make it not exist."
Made new PowerPoints and converted to .wmv files.
Variety of voices.
Streamlined information into one subject/video per section.
Videos shared through the university's Google drive/email accounts.
Fall 2013: Revamp!
What They Said
This is nuts!
New Transfer Advising and Registration: The Old Ways
"Well, I had an issue where I picked up a class that I didn't need and one of the advisers explained that it wasn't necessary and suggested something more in-line with my path. I was very grateful for that!"
"The videos allowed me to follow along on my own oneport account."
"I liked how thorough and detailed the explanations were in the videos. They were very helpful."
"I thought this was a complete waste of my time. I find it extremely frustrating that this is required simply to register for classes. A perfect example of how UNCA refuses to comunicate [sic] face to face."
"Across all the videos the sound level was inconsistent and several were close to inaudible."
"Add a text option in addition to the video."
"Instead of using .WMV video files for the lessons,
would be sufficient. Also, 15 - 20 min delay in retaking quizzes was quite frustrating."
File Under:
Patience and communication with admissions, orientation personnel, and local community colleges is
A Wee Bit More Accessibility
Middle Floor of Brown Hall
(the Dining Hall)

Errr…I mean

Advising Problems?
Get Help at OneStop!

Professionally produced videos in mp4 format.
Can be viewed on mobile devices.
Menu of optional videos from academic departments.
Quizzes revamped to fit new videos (seemed that way to us, anyway).
Captions for readers and for ADA compliance via .srt (SubRip Text) files (thanks, Camtasia!).
Gpa's go down fairly significantly the closer a student registers to the beginning of school.
Not surprising, since many of the students registered late applied late, or were slow in completing requirements.
So, the question is...
Which is better; sprinting or cross country?
Spring will always be a challenge, with a large number of registrants accepted shortly before classes begin.
Some Current Negative Comments
Giving people time to process, and having them give feedback online helps and hurts
Students love having their schedule reviewed
Reviewing student schedules (may) lead to a increase in student persistence/GPA
Orientation Advising
"I appreciated getting this information in this format.
Thank you"

"I found this extremely informative and helpful in beginning my journey at UNCA."

"This course was extremely helpful. Nearly all of my questions regarding transferring and registration have been answered. The UNCA website itself remains something of a mystery without specific instructions to reach relevant information, but now I can successfully reach the most pertinent resources having gone through the course."

Some Current Positive Comments
"The course went well, but I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the information in store for me... I passed the quizzes, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn. Yet, it's nice to know that there are academic advisors who are there to help me with any of my concerns in the future as a student."
Get it?
Things got crazy!
WAY too much at once!
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