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Student nation Project

No description

rey soria

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Student nation Project

by Guillermo A. Salcido
Nathaniel Hughes
and Rey Soria The Nation of the Lost There would be fruits like coconuts, mangos, sour sops, passion fruit, bananas, papaya, sea grapes, pineapple, and pomegranate. Food We eat fish, lizards, crab, turtles, and bird eggs. There are women and kids that go gather all the fruit in the island. The men go fishing or go hunting for lizards, turtles, and crabs. There are huts that have been made by the men and women in the island. Shelter The huts are made of logs, sticks, straw, mud, and leaves. There's an abundance of resources on the island and that helps provide for; logs, sticks, straw, mud, and leaves. The huts are mostly located on the sandy beach, however, there's some housing in the water. The relation with the Lava people (which are the other 50 people) is constantly changing. Relations We despise their oligarchical beliefs and we continue to engage in small battles with them. They're our enemies, because they have attacked on more than one occasion on our own soil. Medicine We have designated 5 of the elder and wiser members of the community to teach our youth and hopefully usher in a prosperous future.
We encourage all the students to be involved and if there are any "superior" students, then we designate them, strictly, to teach the "lesser capable" students all of what they know to keep the distribution equal and avoid any intellectual advantage.
We really heavily on being the more educated side of the island and only through the input of our wisest members, will our youth inherit valuable information.
However, in the end we want the nation as a whole to be on the same level in knowledge. Education We have an army of 20 with weapons from the cargo plane. Rescue plan There is also an elite rescue crew of four called the A team! Constitution The Nation of the Lost If 50 minds work as individuals our salvation is near impossible, but if 50 minds work as 1, nothing is impossible. Slogan Preamble We the people of the Nation of the Lost, in order to promote equality and emphasize the importance of teamwork, have configured a communist government in order to fulfill our growing necessities and to thrive as a nation that will succeed as one and not as individuals. The laws are made by a council of 5 who are elected upon by each member of the nation. The council doesn't have substantial additional power since we believe everyone to be equal. Structure of Government Article 1 Article 2 There are 10 members in the nation that are able to enforce laws, however the consequences that he/she does isn't allowed to be critical. In reality, all 50 members of the nation are given the responsibility to think rationally when enforcing laws. Article 3 Each member of the nation is obligated to have an input in the interpreting of the laws and even though the council has a slightly higher priority, any decision can be overthrown by the general public. Article 4 Any amendments that are being introduced to our constitution must be a agreed upon by 90% of the nation (45 of the 50 members). In fact, any of the existing laws are reevaluated every year to determine if they are necessary anymore. There are 2 members of the nation that we find qualified to treat the injured and even though our options are limited, our varying knowledge and natural remedies have provided sufficient support. Things such as leaves, herbs, and just the occasional sand can be enough to treat the basic bumps and bruises. By Guillermo A. Salcido
Nathaniel Hughes
and Rey Soria At the moment we don't have any books but we plan to write as many as possible, just none that introduce enlightenment to individualism.
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