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yo dude

No description

Mary Davidson

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of yo dude

Quick Factfile!
Name: Mary Emmeline Davidson
Siblings: Rob(12), Casper(15), Lucy(20)
Date of Birth: 07/08/2002
Hobbies: Baking, Acting, Shopping
Favourite Bands: McFly, Beatles, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones
Favourite Films: Argo, Mean Girls
Best Friends: Liz Gardiner, Juliet Telfer, Lucy Turner
Favourite Celebrities: Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Dani Harmer

My School Teachers!
Reception: Mrs Bloxwich
Year 1: Miss Jowitt and Mrs Abbey
Year 2: Miss Stuart
Year 3: Mr Fort
Year Four: Mr Mastrelli
Year Five: Miss Dagnell, Mrs Paton and Mrs Boddy
Year Six: Mr Fort
Mary Davidson
The Story of How I Came To Be...

My Schools!
Adamsrill Nursery
Clifton With Rawcliffe Nursery
Clifton With Rawcliffe Primary School

In September, I will be joining my brothers in Bootham Secondary School along with Megan and Annie Gransbury!
My Family
I have been to many places...
Holland(about 9 times)
Spain(once and this summer, I am going again!)
Centerparks(4 times)
I have 2 brothers, Rob and Casper, as well as 1 sister called Lucy. Lucy lives in Bristol near her university, while Rob and Casper live with me because they are aged 15 and 12.
My Mum is from Holland, and my Dad was born in Cannock, England. My Dad,uncles, aunts and grandparents used to move a lot, so my siblings and I were born in different places...
Casper was born in The Hague, Holland but Rob, Lucy and I were born in different parts of London.
In a nutshell, my life is one big drama- I really enjoy it and hope you enjoyed hearing about it. It will be a shame to depart from this amazing school, although I am extraordinarily excited to be starting at Bootham...

My Experiences!
I have had lots of astounding opportunities, however there is one that tops the lot:
Last year, I went to the Paralympics, where I watched the Athletics with David Weir and Oscar Pistorius. I got to go with my brothers, my parents and my Australian second cousin, Jo who I hadn't seen in years!
Role Models
These include:
Jessie J
Mary Berry
Miss Markham
Rachel Riley
Paul Hollywood
Lucy Davidson
Dani Harmer
Mrs Brownlee
Avril Lavigne

Mary Berry
My life revolves around baking, and Mary Berry is my favourite celebrity and well-known baker! I can't get enough of baking, from delicate biscuits to heavy chocolate roulades...
When I'm older I want to own a chain of bakeries, have at least 8 cookbooks in my name, and possess the ownership of a baking show. Mary Berry has 1 of these, but is a judge on The Great British Bake Off, used to have her own show, and did a lot of work in baking magazines. She is my ICON!
Flame is my dog. He really belongs to my Mum, because he is a hearing dog and she is deaf. He is adorable, friendly and most importantly, incredibly significant to my Mum's life! Hearing dogs are like guide dogs, but for deaf people. They are trained as puppies, so Flame(8 years old) has been in the job for a long time. Strangely, he doesn't get paid so his wallet is empty.
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