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Tan Le

Famous Australian Refugee

Amelia Cook

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Tan Le

Tan Le Tan Le's General information
Tan Le was born in Vietnam in 1977. Tan Le became the president of the Vietnamese Community of Footscray Association at the age of 15. Schooling
Tan Le was so smart that she
attended Monash university at the age of 16.Tan Le studied Bachelor's degree in law
and commerce.Tan Le spent 5 years in university. Tan Le's life story
In 1981 when Tan Le was
4 she migrated to Australia
with her family because of
the war in her country.
When she was 15 she joined
the Vietnamese community
of Footscray Association
and was voted president.
Then in 1998 she was named
young Australia of the year.
Then she was voted one of Australian's successful women under 30.Tan Le was a special Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Who she helps?
Tan Le helps people in Melbourne
and Victoria mostly. Tan Le has
raised money for people in Melbourne's
west.Tan Le has also recorded of Vietnamese
newspaper for the Victorian Association of the Blind. Tan Le is currently working to help people
do business with Asian Countries Speaking
Tan Le has great speaking and
lingurstic skills . Her Story
Tan Le's story was featured in the 'Hope' section of the Eternity Exhibition of the National Museum of Australia Career
She did Australian
entrepreneur. 1:14 Thank you for watching
Lily and Amelia's
prezi on Tan Le
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