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Music Copyright Infringement Cases

This is telling about cases when people tried, or did, steal someone else's music.

Mycak'nazzia Jackson

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Music Copyright Infringement Cases

-The song “Under Pressure” by Queen and Bowie went without a license or consent, so Vanilla Ice thought it was okay to take their song, change 1 beat and say it was his song known as “Ice Ice Baby.”
-Case never went to court, but it was clear that Vanilla Ice stole the sample from Queen and Bowie.
-Vanilla Ice didn’t go to jail for that or anything, the only punishment he suffered from was losing money for his biggest song “Ice Ice Baby.” Music Infringement Cases :( Vanilla Ice vs. Queen & Bowie :( What is Music Copyright Infringement? Music Copyright Infringement: What if someone rips off your material? The answer is simple: they infringe your copyright. You get a copyright the minute you put your song on tape or write it down on paper. You do not get a copyright by sending your song to the Copyright Office in Washington D.C.; doing this registers your copyright. There are benefits of registering your copyright shortly, but you do not need to do this to prevent someone from ripping off your songs. Johnny Cash vs. Gordon Jenkins -Vanilla Ice vs. Queen & Bowie by Mycak'nazzia J.
-Johnny Cash vs. Gordon Jenkins by RayShonda P.
-Michael Bolton vs. the Isley Brothers by Shaquarius R.
- The song "The Conductor" was made by Gordon Jenkins went without any consent s Johnny Cash thought he could make the song over. " vs :( Micheal Bolton VS. The Isley Brothers
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