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Logic: born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II was raised by a single

No description

Trent Kuntz

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Logic: born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II was raised by a single

Logic: born Sir Robert Bryson Hall was raised by a single mom, his dad was hooked on cocaine, his sister was a prostitute, and his brother sold meth, coke, and heroin, he had a very tough childhood.

He first started writing lyrics as a child, his first mixtape was called, Psychological: The Mixtape. “Psycological” was his first stage name, then he shortened it to Logic.

Later on he opened for Ludacris, Pitbull, and many other famous rappers, in his home town, Maryland.

His second mixtape was called “Young, Broke, and Infamous.” When he was is school, he did not ever do well. He skipped school to smoke with his friends, he didnt do any homework, the only thing that he excelled at was english.

At 17, logic was successfully making murderous music. As his name started to come up in XXL Freshman, RapGenius, Rolling Stone, and he hit 1,000,000 views on his hit All I Do.

This was after he released his mixtape “Young Sinatra” and did very well on it. His YouTube view skyrocketed.

Songs like Mind of Logic, Stain in The Game, All I Do, and Prime, got his recognition and respect for his lyrical ability. Kid Cudi said himself that one of the rappers in his top ten favorites, is hands down Logic.

With features with QUest, Castro, Jon Bellion and Kid Ink, you can see that he is growing. He signed with Visionary Music Group, which improved his image greatly.

He signed with Visionary Music Group, which improved his image greatly.
Rapping about his tough life at home, touring, writing, and recording is how he has grown so much in his life as a rapper.

After his 3rd mixtape “Young Sinatra: Undeniable” he started getting questions like “What does Young Sinatra mean?” Logic now concludes that he sees himself as Frank Sinatra reincarnated.
He “rolls through the streets” with his Ratt Pack. Ratt = Real All The Time.

He says himself, without his fans, none of this would have been possible. Logic has money, fame, and the spotlight, but through all of that he is humble.

Just before Logic released his 4th mixtape “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.”

He got signed with a million dollar deal with record label “Def Jam.”

Now Logic tours the country, with sold out shows all over the United States.
He has over 1 billion views on YouTube, fans all over the globe, and love from some rappers who have won multiple grammys.

Logic says that “Nas has quoted my lines before, thats the greatest feeling in the world, a rapper that I idolized quoted my lines!”

Logic has all sorts of songs, skits, hits, you name it. He has 3 versions of “Young Sinatra” and 2 versions of “Dead Presidents.”

With his debut album about to be released, there is great anticipation for when he’s dropping it.

Currently he is on tour with, QUest and Castro, two other rappers who are signed with Visionary Music Group.
The Life of Logic.

By: Trent Kuntz
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