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How have you used Media 2.0 to influnece your work?

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zahra baig

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of How have you used Media 2.0 to influnece your work?

Media 2.0 has supported me to explore new ideas an discover convention of my specific music genre. I used the web not to only view and gather and research information but to gain comments on my own personal work to see what i could change and improve on
I used Media 2.0 to scan other’s work whether it was an official digipak and advert or another students piece of work. It was also a vital part of my research and planning as i used official pieces of work such as magazine adverts, music video collected of youtube and digipaks which i compared and analyzed to discover the typical conventions of these media products to influence the construction of my personal work
When creating the digipak i used the web to discover music similar to my artist ‘Tommy Sparks’ and researched their work such as Katy Perry and the Hot melts and collaborated these ideas to create something that what suitable for the Pop/Disco genre which my chosen artist falls into.
When coming up with ideas for my video Media 2.0 was an important element to create my narrative for my music video due to the fact i used famous films and musicals references such as Grease Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Breakfast at tiffany’s and Bugsy Malone.
I used the web to collect and gather information to suss the iconic elements of each individual movie which i could replicate in my own music video making it recognizable to the audience viewing.
How have you used Media 2.0 to influence your work?
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