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Story Elements Mini-Project

No description

Alyssa Solano

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Story Elements Mini-Project

Dynamic Character
Round Character
By: Alyssa Solano, Maxine Li, Grace Fekete, Madi Allen, Leah Walinchus, and Ashlyn Nguyen.
Story Elements Mini-Project
A person in a play, novel,
or a movie.
It is the process where the author reveals the personality of a character. This process can be indirect characterization or direct characterization.

The opposite of the protagonist. He is known as the “bad guy” or the evil villain who is normally defeated in the end of the story.

A character who goes through an important change or event that changes them as a person through their personality and attitude.
Flat Character
They are uncomplicated. They do not change throughout the story.

They are complex and they tend to surprise the reader.
Stock Character
They are like movie extra’s. They are in the background and are not an important character.
The reason or reasons that drives a person to be ambitious in doing something.
A situation in which a difficult choice must be made.


The static character is the literary or dramatic character that undergoes very little to no change at all.
The main character in the story. He is known as the “good guy” or the hero of the story.

Example of a Character:
Example of Characterization:

Example of Protagonist
Example of Antagonist:
Example of Dynamic Character:
Ariel is a character. She appears throughout the story.
Anna from “Frozen” is a protagonist. She is the main character in the movie and she gets a happy ending. She is the hero of the story because she saves summer in Erindale.
Example of Flat Character:
Example of a Round Character:
Vector from “Despicable Me” is an antagonist. He is the evil villain that loses in the end of movie. In the movie, Vector was trying to steal the moon from Gru and in the end, he ended up stuck in space.
Marlin from Finding Nemo is a Dynamic Character because he goes through the important event of losing his son, which changes his personality. In the beginning of the movie, he was too protective of Nemo. After Nemo got lost and was found, Marlin wasn’t as protective as he was because he learned that he was pushing Nemo away.
Example of Stock Character:
Example of Motivation:
Example of Dilemma:
Lumiere is a flat character because he appears throughout the story, but never changes. As everybody else gradually changes, his personality and everything else stays the same.
John Smith is a round character because he started out being so against the Native Americans, but he was the one that ended up trusting Pocahontas and stopping the war between the English and the Native Americans.
Big Daddy would be a stock character because he appears throughout the story, but he doesn’t do anything. He is not an important character
Example of a Static Character:
Movie- The Little Mermaid
Timon from lion king is a static character because he is the very dramatic character, but he doesn’t change that much throughout the movie.
Movie- Frozen
Movie- Despicable Me
Movie- Finding Nemo
Movie- Beauty and the Beast
Movie- Pocahontas
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Movie: Mulan

For Watching!!!

Mulan had to choose between saving her father, or being proper so that she wouldn't shame her family. She also had to think about the risk of being discovered because she could have been killed in battle or by anybody that found out she was a girl.
In this movie, the character known as Hercules has the motivation to become a God again. In this scene you can see he is also motivated to save meg.
Any character would be an
example of Characterization
because they are all given a
unique description about their
personality. For example, Jane
from the movie, Tarzan, has
brown hair and blue eyes.
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