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Course Review

No description

david lee

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Course Review

Lab setup and maintenance
What I did
I got back from setting up the co-op room late so much of the (good) equipment had already been taken.
How I did
First time doing so, so I feel like I did very well. I had everything set up and all programs installed quickly and efficiently.
This part of the course was the most enjoyable for me
My Future With Computers
How will I interact with them?...
A lot of hard work for me
Learned a lot about computers after the first few weeks like components, how they work etc.
Managed to get in with a great set of teeth
Given me life experience
What I remembered
First time coding, didn't even know what an Arduino was
Spent many hours after school and on weekends practicing
How I did
I feel I did well with physical set ups on the breadboard
Coding was my biggest struggle but I improved and gave multiple runs at
Overall: I am proud with how I did
Not my favorite unit but I learned probably the most compared to other units
Always interested in this sort of thing and I was glad to have the opportunity to learn coding
Information technology
What I did
Looked at Angry IP Scanner on the sandbox computers
Finished skills test
Improved with A+ testing
How I did
At the beginning of the unit I was very lazy
Decided to take it more seriously and I stepped my game up
Cisco Packet Tracer
At first it seemed like a different language but I gave it a shot and am proud of the outcome
Ended up with a 300gb hardrive, single core processor, 1.75 gb of ram, set of speakers (taken out of another machine)
Led setup, score board, final project
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