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Renee Firestone

No description

megan donovan

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Renee Firestone

Renee Firestone
Renee was born in eastern Czech Slovakia, which was changed to Hungary in 1938. She has never went back.
Renee Firestone 1996.
Renees sister Klara was in the concentration camp with her, but died sadly after three days of being apart
When the war started.
Renee was 14 when the war started. Czech Slovakia/ Hungary had a population of 32.000. A third of them were Jewish. Renee was not very religious but she was in an organization, but when Hitler donated their region to Hungary, the organization dissapeared
They were free for a while, but then they took the men into force labour camps, Renee's father and brother were brought to the camp, her brother escaped.
Her brother as taken to a torture camp after being accused of dispersing communist propaganda.her parents paid to get all the boys out.
when the Firestones were brought to a ghetto he left his buisness in the hands of a German, he was a 'gentile'son to the family and they wrote a letter asking him to mail some supplies and he refused to
renees family had no idea of the concentration camps being built.
when renee's family was brought to the concentration camp Renee,her mother and her sister Klara were brought into one part and her father and brothers were put seperate.
when they entered the camp they were made go into a room with a lot of women and were made strip naked. Dr. Megdalen took one look at Renee and called her over and he refused to believe she was a Jew because she was so beautiful. He made a remark at her and she walked away and a woman struck her with a whip and she said it felt like her back was 'being ripped open'. The woman said 'if anyone else were to do that, they would have been shot.'
Renee was in the Aushwitz camp, there was another camp next door for non-jewish midgets, they had there family and the jews were so jealous. One night the Nazi's told everyone in the baracks no matter what they heard they were not to go outside or look outside, and in the middle of the night they could hear screaming and gunshots. The jews then realised that they killed all of the midgets.

Renee was then moved to the camp that they placed the midgets in.
The Nazi's then liquadated their camp and they were brought on a journey for 4 days to work in a crop factory with 200 hundred people. They worked with slave labourers from the Ukrain. They had radio's so they all knew the war was going bad for Hitler and this as at the end of 1944 beginning of 95. at this time the Allies were all over Europe. Then they were all liberated, and Renee went to open her factorydoor to go out,but someone was trying to get in at the same time, so shetepped back and let them in, and it was her brother, she found out he escaped the labour camp and became a freedon fighter.
Renee found out her brother was in Czech Slovakia, in the Tatree Mountains. He was with a Ski troop and they helped supply the jews hiding up there,the freedom fighters he was with were very Anti-semetic and they never revealed whether they were jews not. People that hated the Germans, hated the jews even more.
Renee's brother
Renee then went back to her home town, Renee's brothers girlfriend went home with her, and when they arrived home they were offered a room back in her home and she said thats not the way they wanted to live. Rennes old house keeper was living in a little apartment upsairs and pretended to be delighted when Renee returned mainly because she was afraid she would ask for all of the stuff the house maid probably took, Renee had no intention on asking for it.
Renee found out that her father was spotted in a hospital in Prague, so she decided to go. Renee's brother's friend Bernard that was in the labour camp with him, got a truck and they found her father, he was a 'skeleton figure'and was dying of debercelosis. He was brought to a senetation and he died a few months later.
Before Renee's father passed away Bernard promised him that he'd look after her, so she had to marry him. Sothey got married and a year later her sister in law had her first child, and the following year she had a child. And then they left Prague. Bernard had a visa to live in America so they were put in a quota. Renee's brother was not aloud into France so he was brought to Palestine and had been seperated for 15 years. Renee's new family moved to Ellentown, Pensyvania on the 31st of October 1948. Her brother in-law was at the airport waiting on her and she travelled with her daughter which was 11 months old. Her husband was in England visiting his brother who was in an orphanage.The plain landed in New York and everyone was getting off the plain and the captain came to her and said you are not aloud off the plain, when everyone was off the plain he said 'now you can go' , he took her child off her and opened the plain door and walked her down the aisle, handed her the child and downsttairs there was people waiting there to take her picture.
All of the information i got was from an interview.
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