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Gretel Reguilò

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of suggestopedia

Created by the Bulgarian educator Georgi Lozanov in 1979.

It has an affinity with yoga and with the use of music as a kind of therapy.
Theory of learning
Also called "desuggestopedia"
"learning is a matter of attitude, not aptitude"
Georgi Lozanov
Approach: Theory of language and learning
Advantages and Disadvantages
To reflect the importance placed on desuggesting limitations on learning
Roles of learners and teachers
People use 5-10% of their mental capacity.

In order to make better use of our mental reserves, limitations need to be desuggested.

Students should eliminate the feeling that they cannot be successful to overcome the barriers to learning
Language Theory
Lozanov does not articulate a theory of language. However, there is a strong emphasis on vocabulary memorization and lexical translation to L1.
There are six main theoretical components through which desuggestion and suggestion is achieved:
Role of the learners
Role of the teacher
To deliver conversational proficiency quickly
To increase memory power (memorization in Suggestopedia is accelerated by up to 25 times over that of conventional methods.)
Suggestopedia course last 30 days
4 hours a day
6 days a week
There is a pattern of work within each unit and for the whole course.
Learning activities include imitation, question and answer, and role play.
Games such as memory games, drawing, and others are also used.
Most common activities in Suggestopedia are listening activities and acting (role play, acting out dialogues, etc).
To be childlike and allow the teacher to "infantilize" them.
To participate actively in the activities.
To trust and respect the Teacher.
To relax following teacher’s instructions.
To maintain a pseudo-passive state by not going through the material given by the teacher on their own.
To dramatize
To take a parental role
To be open to questions
To be dynamic with a rich personality
To encourage positive reception in the students
To provide a feeling of security for students eliminating the barriers to learning

Units divided into 3 days of work:
Day 1 - Half a day
Teachers discuss material
Learners receive printed page in L1 and L2
Learners ask doubts
Teacher alone and then with the students read material 3 times in different ways
Day 2 - Full day
Day 3 - Half a day
Primary elaboration of the text:
Question and answer
Working with new vocabulary
Secondary elaboration of the text:
Students make new combinations and productions based on the texts.
Indirect support materials (environment) has to be bright and cheerful
Baroque and classical music
Furniture (reclining chairs)
Chairs display in a circle
Students are helped to relax and move into a positive frame of mind, with the feeling that the learning is going to be easy and fun.
first concert -
active concert
This involves the active presentation of the material to be learned.
second concert -
passive review
The students are now invited to relax and listen to some Baroque music, with the text being read very quietly by the teacher.

Reading and translation of the text, songs, games, etc., consolidate the learning.
1/ A relax learning environment is created and this enhances learning in the students

2/ Students can lower their affective filter.

3/ Students learn both from the input of the direct teaching and from the environment in which learning takes place.

4/ Students remember best if the information comes from an authoritative source like the teacher.

Environment limitation: courses using suggestopedia should not have more than 12 students.
Suggetopedia emphasizes that it is more important to let students learn a large amount of vocabularies than grammar rules.
The teachers grade Ss by their performance in class. This may lead students to lose the motivation on learning.

To sum up:
Thank you very much for listening!
By Gretel E. Reguiló
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