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Achieving Success

No description

M Victoria Medina González

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Achieving Success

Seven secrets for successful language learning
1. Spend time in contact with the language
- Attending classes, listening to music, watching the news, reading newspaper, speaking to natives

- Meet some foreign students, take advantage of practising with them

2) Do what you like doing
- Spend time doing what you like

- Different possibilities: watching videos and movies, listening to music, reading books and newspapers
5. Be patient
- Sometimes it can be really

- We get upset because we forget words, or do not understand listening exercises even if we listen to them several times

- Learning a language is not an overnight success. We have to be confident, patient and avoid the negative feelings
The Key to Success
Thank you!
Achieving Success

- Spend time to decide what success means to you

-In dictionaries: success as the attainment of wealth, fame. But it is not only that

- Determine your goals

- To notice linguistic facts, first you have to want it, then you have to underline words, repeat what you are listening to

- Also grammar books will help us noticing, so keep on revising them
3. Learn to notice
4) Learning vocabulary
- Learn it in the
of interesting or personal content, and in the context of phrases

lot of
, or concentrate on a particular subject

-We need the proper tools: dictionaries, grammar books, literature books, mp3s .

- Spend some money on them, they would make easier the language learning
6) Get the right tools
- Taking hold of your learning process is the key to being successful

- Take the language outside the classroom

- Interact with the language

- Do not think that the language is going to search for you, you have to search for it

7) Become an independent language learner
What is success ?
- The sweetest victory is the one that is most difficult

- Mistakes as negative fact
--> learn of them to ride high in the charts
Successful study habits

1. Do you remember the seven secrets for successful language learning?
1.1Summarize the seven points and choose the one you consider most useful.
2. Are the mentioned study habits the ones you usually follow?
How to achieve success in 6 Thoughts

- Difference between obstacles and limits.
- Obstacles: can be overcome, limits cannot.
1. Know your limits
2. Have a plan
A good plan is the key for combating mental obstacles
3. Visualize your Goals
The desire to achieve it will give you the fortitude to overcome even the most daunting of obstacles
4. Ignore the doubts of others
Where others see obstacles, you can see opportunities.
Know that obstacles are there, but just ignore them.
5. Embrace Positivity
Stay away from what brings you down and immerse yourself in upbuilding activities
6. Understand Fear
Fear creates imaginary obstacles. You just have to:

- Recognize your fears in yourself
- Identify their root
- Make a plan to deal with them
1. What is success?
2. How to achieve success in 6 thoughts.
3. Seven secrets of successful language learning.
3.1. Spend the time.
3.2. Do what you like doing.
3.3. Learn to notice.
3.4. Learning vocabulary.
3.5. Be patient.
3.6. Get the right tools.
3.7. Become an independent language learner.
4. Successful study habits.
5. Questions.
"If I had money, I would buy..."

"Do we need money at all?"
For many people, money is the first thing, but...it cannot buy the true happiness
Everyone wishes to be successful and famous, but very few achieve it completely.

A successful person is someone who works hard and makes a living at what they do.
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