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planet earth

No description

Quico del peso

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of planet earth

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Planet Earth Hy little alien I hear that you going to come to planet Earth so I´m going to tell you about Planet Earth :

·The layers of the Earth.
·Minerals and rocks.
·Energy inside the Earth.
·Water on Earth.
·Globes and maps. The atmostphere. Troposphere:


Ionosphere: The Earth · Atmosphere

· Geosphere

· Hydrosphere The geosphere Hydrosphere Liquid state:

Solid state:

Gaseous state: The Earth is often called "THE BLUE
PLANET" because about 75 % of its surface is covered by water. The Earth The troposphere is the layer of the air that is closest to the Earth surface .It´s 12 km thick. In the troposphere,we can observe meteorological
conditions like clouds,wind and rain. The stratosphere is the layer above the troposphere. The top of the stratosphere is 50km above the Earth surface.The stratosphere includes the ozone layer which protects life on our planet from the sun´s ultraviolet radiation. The ionosphere is located above the stratosphere .The top of the ionosphere is about 400km high.This layer reflects
radio waves so they can escape from the Earth´s atmosphere.there isn´t a lot of air in the ionosphere. ·Crust:

· Mantle:

· Core: The crust is the outer layer of the geosphere .It´s made of rock and it include the Earth´s continents,islands and oceans floors The mantle is a layer of roock under the crust.The mantle can be very hot so some of the rock is in aliquid form called magma. mantle crust core The core is the inner layer of the geosphere it´s mostly made of iron.Temperature in the core is even hier than in the mantle. Water exists in a liquid state,in our oceans seas lakes and rivers .There is also lots of liquid water under the Earth´s surface. Water exists in a solid state, as snow and ice ,especially in Greenland and Antarctica. Water also exists in a gaseous state ,as water vapour in the Earth´s atmostsphere. Minerals and rocks. We can clasify them by varius properties: Minerals Minerals are solid bodies that form rocks. Hardness Lustre Colour Rocks consists of one or more minerals.We can classify rocks by the origin. They can be : Rocks Energy inside the Earth Volcano A volcano forms when hot magma rises to the Earth´s surface. Water on Earth How we can save water? Some things that we can do.... Globes and maps Parallels Meridians and parallels Geografic cordinates Latitude and longitude Latitude: Is the distance in degrees from the Equator. Longitude: is the distance in degrees from the Prime Meridian BY:

Inma del Peso Navarro Meridians
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