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Renaissance Art Analysis

For my socials project, I did a renaissance art analysis featuring many different examples of renaissance art that include the 4 new ideas about art that came around this interesting time period.

Lucas Silva

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Art Analysis

Renaissance Art Analysis Famous Renaissance Artists Two of the most famous artists of all time came from the renaissance time period. They were Micheal Angelo and Leonardo Da vinci. A large part of renaissance art is some of their work. However, they weren't the only artists of this time period. The painting you see in the background, "The School of Athens" was created by an artist by the name of Raphael. Also around this time, new ideas about art began to form. As the renaissance period started, so did 4 new ideas about art. These ideas were perspective, realistic people, nature and everyday life, and showing religious topics in new artistic ways. Throughout this presentation, I will be going through many different examples of how these ideas were used as well as showing a good example of renaissance art. NEW IDEA 1 - Perspective The Idea of Perspective is basically that things that area farther away must appear smaller to create a realistic look. The first example using perspective is the background picture shown, however, there are many other examples of renaissance art to see. On the right, you see two works of art that clearly show perspective. What is seen up close appears much larger than things that are farther away. Below there is another painting that actually shows the lines showing how the art starts large from the outside, and gets smaller and smaller to create a realistic painting. By Lucas Silva Idea 2 - Realistic People Leonardo Da Vinci THE END Idea #3 - Nature and Everyday Life Idea #4 - Showing religious topics in new ways Middle Ages version Renaissance Version Around the renaissance time period, people started to create art featuring more realistic people. Unlike in the middle ages when the people in the art looked like cartoons and were very unrealistic, the renaissance people discovered how to paint and sculpt realistic looking people. This was a big step that art took and one of the many discoveries about art made in the renaissance period. During this time, people found ways to show religious topics in new ways like in art. Around are many different paintings that have religious messages. One of the most famous paintings of all time, the last supper, which was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, depicts the story of Jesus' last meal. However, this painting did come up earlier in the middle ages and you can clearly see lots of differences with the painting from the middle ages and the one from the renaissance. Another new idea during the renaissance period was not just painting about major events and battles that happened like previous times, but depicting what every day life was like through art. This helps us greatly understand how life was for the renaissance people through this new idea. Conclusion Overall, This time period of the renaissance clearly shows all the major discoveries that came with amazing art. During this time, people took a huge step to making art what it is today. Through perspective, realistic people, everyday life and nature, as well as putting religious topics into art.
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