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Names in Brave New World

No description

Victoria Webb

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Names in Brave New World

Bernard Marx Mustapha Mond Helmholtz Watson Origin/Irony: The meaning of the name Lenina is " like a lion", when one generally thinks of a lion, strong characteristics of leadership and independence come to mind, Lenina shows none of these traits. She is a victim to her conditioning, and never questions beyond what she knows. Her last name Crowne is an ancient scottish nickname meaning " a person with blonde hair" as well as a reference to monarchy, Lenina herself is among the top of the caste system as a Beta. Lenina Crowne Origin/Irony: Benito Hoover's name is a mixture of Benito Mussolini, a spanish dictator at the time the book was written( as well as the time of Nazi Germany) and the American President Herbert Hoover. Benito is very complacent and happy in nature, traits in which neither of the two men his name originated from possessed. Benito Hoover Henry Foster Origin/Irony: Pope is originally from the Greek language and means "father". This is ironic due to the fact that Pope has been the only father John has known, and plays a part in the novels degradation of parenting. Popé Malthusian Belt John Names in Brave New World Origin/Irony: The name Mustafa is of arabic origin, and means "Chosen" or "the chosen one", which one could associate with the fact that he was "chosen" to be a main world controller, and was given the ability to read old writings and teachings, works that are kept away from the population. The last name Mond derives from the french word "monde" meaning world, this ironic due to the fact that he is a World Controller. Origin/Significance: This character's name was based off of two significant figures is different fields of study, that pertain to facets of the Brave New World. Hermann von Helmholtz and John B. Watson. Helmholtz dealt with vision and perception, the character Helmholtz sees differently then others metaphorically. John B. Watson was best known for his studies of human behaviour. Helmholtz Watson works as a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering. John B. Watson also lead an experiment where loud upsetting sounds were used to coniditon a child to be scared of rats, just as infants were conditioned to have a negative reaction to nature and books using loud noises and electroshock Origin/ Significance: This character was given the same name as their Lord, Henry Ford. The french name Foster means "keeper of the forest", Henry is a statistician and assistant to the director of the hatchery and could therefore be considered a "keeper of numbers/conditioning". His name may also make reference to John Foster, a essayist who firmly believed in regimented education. Origin/ Significance: The belt was based off of Thomas Malthus's theory. He was an English economist. His theory stated that if the human population was not kept in check by moral restraint or disasters, widespread poverty would be the result, and the number of individuals living will be unsustainable. In the Brave New World the belt is used as a contraceptive, and in turn keeps the population number controlled, which is just another factor to this world's stability. Origin: The name Bernard derives from the old germanic language, it consists of the mixture of two words "bear" and "hard", with the official meaning of Brave.

Irony: This is ironic because initially, Bernard could possibly be seen as a brave character for making a conscious effort to not follow his social norms and thinks as an individual. Though as we see his character develop, we find him to be petty and an opportunist. Another alternate meaning of the name Bernard is "hardy", ironic because he himself is weak and feeble in nature due to a blood surrogate mishap during his decanting process. His last name, Marx, is shared with the famous Karl Marx, otherwise known as the father of Communism. It makes for the main character's last name to have such a large correlation to the novel. In the dystopian society of the brave New World, communist ideals can be seen in their mottos (e.g. " everyone belongs to everyone else" and "Community, Identity, Stability" Bokanovsky's process creates up to 96 identical human beings from one egg. The Director says it is a "major instrument of social stability." Maurice Bokanovsky was a bureaucrat from France who thought the government should be more efficient. Bokanovsky's Process Many Native Americans in the early colonies were given simple Biblical names by the settlers. In Brave New World the people on the savage reservation are shown to be religious and would give their children Biblical because of tradition and their own beliefs. John's namesake is the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ.
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