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NSAC Presentation

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Grace Kim

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of NSAC Presentation

NSAC COMPETITION 2011 thanks to The Noun Project for the artwork used in this presentation. THE MODERN WOMAN ROI/BUDGET Tools and Milestones 17,000 25,000
(47% increase) 1,600,000 3,000,000
(47% Increase) COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS INTRO How will JCPenney do it? 1. Reinvent the Shopping Experience 2. Develop and reward Customer Base 3. JCPenney to JCP ? RESEARCH ? Online Surveys: influences on where they shop Online Surveys: more inclined to shop at a store if they gave back to the community Focus Group Question: "how could JC Penney create a more appealing shopping experience?” also said that they would shop at a store that they felt welcomed and cared for transform the brand to fit the new Modern Woman The Answer: online retail ranking nationwide, well-known branding effective rewards program over 67% of women check facebook Sears:
500,000 JCP:
1,690,000 (<-- other competitors) Macy's:
1,780,000 Kohl's:
4,400,000 Walmart:
5,400,000 but popularity =/= influence. while these competitors only have one-way communication, we take the opportunity to actively engage our community. engaging the community: people from all over are sharing their memories-- be it Halloween, love stories, or daily life. CREATIVE Style: she has the power to choose whatever she wants that fits her personality
JCP can offer her all the clothing and lifestyle items that fit her Story: "we want to know your story."
JCP wants to be a part of your life and close to your heart "Your JCP": JCP is there for the customer
JCP puts the customer first
JCP wants to be a part of your life Your: make the focus on HER
use "your" to put particular emphasis on the personal attention that JCP brings to the table "Your Style. Your Story. Your JCP." PROMOTIONS MEDIA some of the media our consumers access MEASURING SUCCESS Our Vastly Expanded and Improved Rewards Program Retaining Legacy Customers Multimedia Engagement of the Modern Woman Increase Market Share and Wallet Share Rebranding JC Penney to JCP Acquiring New Customers in the Demographic CONCLUSION thank you. to 3000+ people “It doesn’t seem like there is anything for me at JCPenney.” 3,000,000 facebook fans your style. your story. your jcp.
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