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H.G. Wells

No description

Mr. Stack

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of H.G. Wells

The Time Machine
The Book
Early Life
H.G. Wells was born at Atlas House, 46 High Street, Bromley in the country of Kent on September 21, 1866. He was the youngest of four children in his family. When he was a child he passed time by going to he local library and reading. From an early age he loved to read books and he decided that he would become an author. He went to Thomas Morley's Commercial Academy which was a private school that was founded in 1849.
Wells married his cousin in 1891. They were married until 1894, that was when Wells fell in love with one of his students named Amy Catherine Robbins. Their marriage lasted until she died in 1927.
In the year 1909 Wells had a daughter named Anna-Jane, with the writer Amber Reeves. Then in the year 1914 he had a son named Anthony West, with the the novelist and feminist Rebecca West. Since he had both of his children with women who were not his wife he had not seen his children for numerous years.
Other Books by H.G. Wells
The War of the Worlds
The Invisible Man
The Island of Dr. Moreau
H.G. Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction book that was published in 1895 by H.G. Wells. The concept of the book was how the time traveler, time traveled; using his vehicle (or time machine). The book has been made into a movie and has many sequels by other authors.
H.G. Wells
A Short Summary
The time traveler travels 800,000 years into the future; full of cannibals called Morlock. These clammy, ghostlike creatures who hate the daylight, are trying to trap the time traveler.
The Time Machine is not only a book, but it was adapted into a very popular movie. The book was expanded in many ways such as the comic book industry, two television series, and of course two movies.
The Movie
The Time Machine movie was loosely adapted from the book. The movie was filmed in New York instead of London. The movie released in 2002 was very different from the version in the 1960's. The 2002 version includes new story lines and a romantic element. It also includes a new scenario that involved civilization being destroyed. It has a lot of new characters, such as an artificially intelligent hologram played by Orlando Jones and a new Morlork king played by Jeremy Irons.
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