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Tostitos: Salsa Bowl Cap

No description

Grace Ling

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Tostitos: Salsa Bowl Cap

About the Product

To make the easy things in life hassle-free

Mission Statement
Salsa Bowl Top

Brand: Tostitos

Company: Pepsico (Fritolays)

Place Strategy

Promotion Strategy

The Tostitos Bowl Lid is a revolutionary new product offering convenience and ease when eating your favorite Frito-Lay salsa. This new product offers a screw on bowl as the lid allowing easy access to the salsa. Once you’re finished enjoying your salsa, pour it back into the jar using the convenient draining tool built into the lid.
Super Markets such as Wal-mart, Target, Top, Wegmans, and etc.
Local convenience stores, college convenience stores, and gas stations
Target Market

College Students

Party Planners



Sell salsa BOGO 50% off

Bundle together Tostito chips and new salsa
product for cheaper price

Give $1.00 off coupons with purchase of product

TV commercials, newspaper ads, social media

Competitive Advantage

Convenient for customers to buy

Reasonably priced

Unique design

Positioning Statement
Tostitos, rated as the best tasting salsa,
is now available in a mess-free,
convenient form for fun and ease-of-serving.

Tostitos Bowl Cap

Samantha Smith, Grace Ling, Ashley Finkelstein, Joe Reed, Kim Nguyen
Price Strategy
Recycled products = $0.50/jar
Bowl cap = $0.50/jar
Total cost = $1.00/jar
Average 24 oz Tostitos salsa = $3.25
Our salsa with added bowl = $3.75
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