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Anne Frank

The life of Anne Frank . A Jewish young lady who wrote a diary during World War 2 .

Armela Ujka

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Anne Frank

Anne Frank
Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who wrote a diary during World War II when she was hiding from the Nazis. Anne Frank wrote the diary to tell her hopes and dreams for the future. Anne had to move away with her family because Germany was not safe for them. Adolf Hitler was not letting the Jews live their lives. Anne was only four years old. They lived happily in Amsterdam, Holland until bad times came again. - Anne Frank was born on June 12th ,1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She was born as Annelies Marie Frank. When Anne was born, her sister Margot was 3 years old. In 1933, Hitler became the president of Germany and no Jews were safe. According to Jewishfederation.pittsburgh.org, Jews were immigrating to Palestine, The U.S., England & many more. Anne got the diary on her 13th birthday. Anne Frank wrote on the diary everyday as a self-solace. It kept her relaxed and she loved writing. She named the diary Kitty. According to : teacher.scholastic.com/Frank/diary.htm, it says that Anne's diary has become the world's best known memoir of World War II. She wrote not only the horrors of the war but her everyday life in hiding. Anne wrote everything on her diary. She wrote down all the chaos around her. Writing made her feel better. Now, millions of people all around the world have read Anne's diary. According to AnneFrank.org, Anne wrote down her teenage life, her family problems, the fights with her mother and her love life. Anne Frank went to school. According to: Library.thinkquest.com/annefrank, Anne and her sister both went to school. They went to a special school for Jews. In fact, Anne was a pretty good student. Anne only had one problem, she talked a lot in class. Even though she was really smart her teacher didn't like when she talked. Anne and her family had to hide for two years from the Nazis. They had a secret spot or the "secret annexe." According to: Gradesaver.com/author/anne-frank: Their hiding spot was in an old building her father used to work in before. They had to stay quiet all day long and not move at night. They ate most of the same food everyday. They got food from Miep Gies. She passed away in 2010. Anne and her family got turned over to the Nazis from an anonymous phone call. According to: buzzle.com, it is beleived that it was one of the people that was helping them in hiding. The Franks were also hiding with this family called The van Pels and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer. They were all Jewish. Anne Frank Otto Frank Edith Frank Margot Frank Hermann van Pels Auguste van Pels Peter van Pels Fritz Pfeffer Anne Frank died Early March, 1945. She was at the age of 15. She died at Bergen-Belsen, Germany. According to : gradesaver.com/author/anne-frank, Anne died of typhus, and so did her sister at the concentration camp. ANNE FRANK was able to write a first-hand observation of Nazi evils. According to library.thinkquest.org, Anne Frank's diary is now in 30 different languages. Her name is known all over the world. So, therefore she is a very big important part of World War II . The blue shaded building was where Anne and her family where hiding. Anne shared her room with Fritz Pfeffer . Anne Frank was an innocent young lady, who had to die because of Hitler. If only Anne had lived a couple more months after the war. She could have lived her hopes and dreams. I hope her story lives on forever.
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