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My Life as a reader

No description

Natalie Walters

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of My Life as a reader

To Kill a Mockingbird
summer of 2015, spring of 1986....this book challenged my views on judgement, intolerance and citizenship. I began to revisit it last summer as Harper Lee had a "new" book that was released, and I wanted to prepare to read that as well.

The Alchemist
This book challenged me to reconsider my spirituality and sense of self. I outlined several passages and still keep them as reminders every day. I love the connection to the Universe.
The Way the Crow Flies
This book takes place in 1962. It's a very complex book that captivated me because it was centered around a crime, and the story telling is from each family member's perspective. It's an interesting period of time in history, a few years before I was born. I found myself trying to imagine what it would be like to live at that time facing these issues.
102 Minutes that Changed America
The account, as told and portrayed, by survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. I read this every September in honor of the people who were killed in this horrific event in history.
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Perhaps my favorite book of all time, this is told in the point of view of a dog. the story makes me laugh and cry, and the ending makes me gasp because I never saw it coming. I gave this book to my very best friend to read because he used to race motorcycles in the rain.
My Life as a reader
There Are No Children Here
This book was one of the first teaching books I ever read, about two boys, Lafayette and Pharoah, growing up in the ghetto of one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. It was introduced to me by Oprah Winfrey, and it provided me better understanding of my students, who, at that time, were from a very poor neighborhood in Syracuse.
Into Thin Air
Loved this book, because it took me to a place where I know I will never get to go.
Into Thin Air
is about the failed Mount Everest expedition of May 1996 that the author, Jon Krakauer was part of. The story is riveting, and throughout there are visuals to help the reader understand the trek the climbing teams faced.
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