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Tech Tools Social Sciences

No description

Marisa Dominguez

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Tech Tools Social Sciences

Tech Tools Social Sciences
Digital tools designed for generating more authentic student response.
Generate student engagement.
Create live feedback or data.
Free digital tools to use by both teachers and students.
Digital pin board of your favorite sites
Can organize thumbnails of sites into your preferred categories, classes or subject areas
Works on all types of devices
Custom homepages
Fun, easy to find buttons all on one screen
Can organize buttons by topic, subject area, project
online tool.
generates different styles of assessment.
speed trials
exit slips
traditional quiz styles: MC, short answer, T/F
generates data instantly
free accounts for teachers
can review results live
make quizzes using excel and then upload
can share quizzes
available for all platforms
online tool
meant for photo and idea sharing
digital post-it note wall
free account for teachers
types of activities:
primary source analysis
group discussion
quick writes
apps available for all sites
Create online quizzes attached to your favorite videos
Free and pro versions
Tours consists of youtube videos and various question styles
Can be student made or teacher created
Gallery of pre-made videos
Create interactive lesson modules
Free to use
incorporate videos, text, powerpoints, and images.
Can be teacher created or student created.
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