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Frito-Lay Case Study Presentation

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官宇 謝

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Frito-Lay Case Study Presentation

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Frito-Lay Case Study Presentation
PepsiCo in North America
Seven most popular brand of PepsiCo
Question discussion
10 oM Decision
1. Production Design

2. Quality

3. Process strategy

4. Location strategy

5. Layout strategy

6. Human resources

7. Supply chain Management

8. Inventory

9. Scheduling

10. Maintenance

Product must be conceived, formulated, tested and evaluate for profitability.
Ingredient standard must be determined
 Mass production
 Expensive, unique machines
 Green production
 High capital
Fixed, variable and transportation cost as well the freshness must be consider
 Process facility with great care given
 Reduce movement of materials within the facility
Develop empowerment and enriched jobs
Focus on the developing and auditing raw materials from the farm to the delivery
 Inventory turnover 200(times/year)
 WIP Inventory
 Freshness require constant effort to drive down inventories
 Run and operate 24/7
 High demand of utilization of capital intensive
 High utilization requires good maintenance
 From machine operator to the maintenance department and deport service
 Translate capital investment and energy as well labor in-terms of dollar
 All snacks (300000 kg/day)
 Potato chips (140000 pack/day)
Productivity of the Production Process
Difference of the 10 OM
between Hard Rock Café and Frito-Lay
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