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Cyber-bulling and E-safety

This Prezi is about cyber-bulling and E-safety

Albany Rowan

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of Cyber-bulling and E-safety

Cyber Bulling What is it? Cyber bulling is when someone is bullied
over on electronic device.
This could be the internet, i.e facebook,
email. It could be mobile, i.e text, call.
And lots more. How does it happen? It happens the same way as normal bulling apart from the fact it happens on an electronic device. Bulling happens when someone might be jealous of another person might make them fell bad to make them feel better. Or it could be because the bully doesn't feel good about themselves so they make others feel bad. Or it could be because the bully just doesn't like that person. I'm being Cyber
What can I do? Tell a trusted Adult.
At home or at school. FILE all messages away
so they're not in your inbox. IGNORE all messages! PHONE THE POLICE IF IT GETS
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