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Reconstruction Period


Luke Mancini

on 12 November 2009

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Transcript of Reconstruction Period

Reconstruction in the U.S. Planing to Get the South Back in Ten Percent Plan -Abe Linciln wanted to have 10 percent
of the south to make slavery illeagel
and have a loyalty oath Andrew Johnson's Plan -This plan was the same as Lincoln's except
wealthy people and confederate officials
in the south have to come for a presidential
pardon Radical Repuplicans -They wanted to punish the south for
war and give African Americans there
rights Amendments
13 - Abolished Slavery
14 - Gave African Americans
there citizenship
15 - Gave AA men the right
to vote Vocab Terms Freedman Bureau - Agency for freed African Americans that provided
relief. Gave education, food, and colthing

Black Codes - Severly limited rights and freedoms for African

Poll Tax - A tax that made anyone who votes in the south pay a tax

Sharesropping - Rich southerners would let African Americans use
there farm land to grow crops if they promised to
give most of the crops to them, inturn the African
Americans would get food and shelter

Leteracy Tests - Was a test that people who wanted to vote had to
pass in order to vote it tested if they could read
or write

Grandfather Clause - Stated that if your grandfather voted then you
could vote without the tax and the test

Jim Crow Laws - Made segregation legal in the south

Carpetbagger - Northern republican would go to the south to run for

Scalawag - Is a southern republican
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