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Lamb to the slaughter F.A.A.V.

No description

Aries Nuno

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Lamb to the slaughter F.A.A.V.

By: Aries, Vanessa, Frances, and Aussie Literary Terms Dramatic Irony Lamb to the Slaughter The cops can't find any clues because they think an intruder committed the murder and then while eating the lamb one of them says "Probably right under our very noses..." and it was ironic because the murder weapon was literally right under their noses because they were eating it. Mood The story was calm and warm at the beginning but at the end it was kind of funny and scaring because when the police men where eating the lamb, Mary “began to giggle.” Dynamic Character Mary Maloney- At first she was a very loving to the point where it was over-bearing. It wasn't until her husband told her some upsetting news causing her to lose control and murder him. Verbal Irony When Mary goes to the market, she talks to the grocer and says, "No, I've got meat, thanks. I got a nice leg of lamb, from the freezer." This is an example of verbal irony, because she is basically telling the grocer what she used for the murder of her husband. Foreshadowing Theme A theme found in the story is about identity, Mary didn't know she was capable of murdering her husband in cold-blood until she was put in that situation. This teaches us that we don't really know who we truly are until we are pushed to a certain limit. Before Mary goes to the grocer she practices in front of the mirror to know what she is going to tell Sam when she arrives at the grocery store and back to the scene of the crime. Symbolism The leg of lamb in this story resembles how Mary was innocent until her husband told her the bad news. And when you picture a lamb you see something non-threatening and sweet until it was used as a murder weapon. Dialect "Hullo" is very similar to the American version of saying "Hello" but in British. Point of View Third Person Limited Omniscient- Dahl writes the story in a way where the reader is able to see and feel everything in Mary's perspective. Protagonist Mary Maloney, wife of Patrick and his murderer Plot Mary, the wife, is waiting for her husband Patrick, a detective, to come home. Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Denuemoent Patrick tells Mary that he is leaving her, she then hits him over the head with a leg of lamb Mary first prepares how to react to the situation then calls the detectives to investigate. Mary invites the detectives to eat the lamb with her. Detectives eat the lamb, murder weapon. Conflict External- Man vs. Man
Mary vs. Patrick
Mary vs. Detectives Lamb to the Slaughter Alfred Hitchcock
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