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Black Beauty

No description

Samaia Dixon

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Welcome to My Presentation
Chapter One-Two

When his mother gave birth to him, he started to walk. When he became two years old, his brother, Rob Roy, died. Darkie lived in a massive meadow with a pond that was so clear you could see your reflection. Black Beauty was living with Farmer Grey and my mother, Duchess. He drinks his mothers milk and gets real close to her every night. He always try to become an excellent horse. Before he had to leave to another family his mother said to him " I hope you will grow up gentle and good, and never learn bad ways; do your work with a good will, lift your feet up well when you trot, and never bite or kick even in play." Black Beauty never forgot the words his mother said and was off to another family.
This is Darkie ( Black Beauty) as a little horse.
Written by: Anna Sewell
Chapter Three- Four
When Darkie moved to his new home, he got a new name Black Beauty because Black Beauty was black as night and beautiful. When he went to his new stable, he met a white and greyish pony named Merrylegs and a little boy named James. He was very clumsy with horses. He also met a light brown, bad tempered horse named Ginger. Black beauty fell for her in seconds. While he was let loose in the patch, he was trying to get Ginger's attention. But every time he does an act, Ginger just ignores him. He always tries to get her attention for a while, but he always fails.
This is Ginger, the one Black Beauty is in love with.
Thank you for
seeing my presentation
Presented by: Samaia Dixon
Chapter Five
One day, Black Beauty was bringing Squire Gordon and his friend back to his home. While he was bringing them home, it was raining like cats and dogs. It was very difficult getting through the storm. Parts of the carriage was falling apart and flying to the trees. Black Beauty was trying to get them home.....quick! When they got to the bridge, Black Beauty was walking slowly, then heard creeks on the bridge, so he had to turn back. Squire Gordon wanted to get home more faster before the storm become worst so he tries to force Black Beauty, but Black beauty was pulling back. When he force Beauty to go forward, Beauty held back.
They look so cute :)
Chapter Six
But, then the bridge collapsed so Squire Gordon fell and fell in the rushing water. Black Beauty and Squire Gordon friend pull and got him out. When they got home, they all was soaken wet. So that night Beauty got sick so James tried to make him better.
Thank You
On the next morning, Squire Gordon came to see how Black Beauty was doing. When he got their, Black Beauty was on the floor looking sick. Ginger was with him all night to see if he will get better. When James went to see Black Beauty, he saw him lying on the sick and confused why. Squire Gordon told him he was suppose to give him his blanket. James was really worried about him. He went to see him everyday to see how he was doing. One day, he cried for Black Beauty, but then he came up looking well again. Everyone was so happy.
Chapter Seven
On a sunny morning, Black Beauty and Ginger went to a farm to stay at for the night. There was an old man smoking a cigar and another person. When someone called the old man, he out down the cigar. But, he didn't notice that it was on the floor of hay which could start a fire. On that night, Ginger and Black Beauty was smelling a strong smell. But then smoke can down from the hay and start a fire. The horses was going crazy. James saw the fire and got Black Beauty. But Black Beauty didn't want to leave Ginger. But he had to get out. Then James went back inside and came out with the horses. They were saved. The next morning the mistress had to move to another place. So Merrylegs was sold and Black Beauty and Ginger were sold to this mean woman.
Chapter Eight
The man would serves for the mistress brought them to her. When she saw the horses, she didn't like what she saw. She didn't like their heads down. People say it was fancy to have horses heads up. What she did was tighten the reins. That made Ginger angry a little bit. When they took the test run. She still didn't like what she saw. She tighten the reins even more. That was hurting the horses. But she did not care. Which made Ginger a little more angry. They took more and more test runs and tighten and tighten the reins more every time. Finally Ginger got so mad she knock down the mistress slaves. They were trying to make her calm down but they couldn't, so they use force. Black Beauty try to help Ginger but he couldn't. One of the men put me in the stable. What I did was purposely step on his foot and might of broke it. They didn't like Black Beauty and Ginger so they brought them to sale. While they were at the sale, Black Beauty notice someone. He was checking him out and notice it was Joe Green but older. He wanted him to but him, so he was making noises. Joe Green looked around to see whats making that noise but couldn't see what was so he walk off. All of a sudden a man named Jerry came out to check him out. He thought that he looked health and bought him.
Chapter Nine
Black Beauty had a new job. His new job was taxi cab. When he got to his new home, there were two children and a mother. He was very frighten at first, but then when the little girl started to pet him, he calm down. He was starting to like Jerry and his family. They did his hair and groom him. When he was on his first day of the job, he didn't like it at all. He was wondering wheres the grass and the trees. He was so used to the country, he never been in the city. While he was there, he saw Ginger again! This was a great moment. But then when he tried to talk to her, she act like she didn't know him. She look like she could even look at him. She was tired and abused by her new owner.
Jerry had to take these two men to someones house on a snowy day. When he got there, he dropped them off. One of them said to wait for them cause they needed a ride back. So they waited for hours and hours. While they were out there, Jerry started to get a cold. When the men came out, they were drunk. So Jerry brought them home. When he got home, he old his wife he got home. His cold was really bad so he had to give taxi driving a rest. One day, his wife got him a job as a coachman, but he had to sell the horses. Black Beauty was sold to a corn dealer. His job was very hard for him. Some of the cargo was too heavy for him. That was bad for him.
Chapter Ten
This is Jerry
Chapter 11
The corn dealer sold him to some nice ladies. Their names were Lavinia and Ellen Bloomfield.
When he got to the house, he saw Joe Green. He was surprised he was still working for the Bloomfield family. When Joe Green recognized him, they were happy to see each other again. Ellen and Lavinia said they will never sell Black Beauty. Now this was his final home. All of the hard troubles that he gone through his whole life, now all those troubles will be gone....forever.
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